Anchorage is a city in Alaska that was the target of a major Kaiju attack in 2020.[1]


The home of Rangers Yancy and Raleigh Becket, Anchorage has a population of two million people. It was one of the Pacific Rim cities chosen as a site for the construction of a Shatterdome once the Jaeger Program was authorized by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

In 2020, the Kaiju Knifehead approached the city at night during a violent storm with intent to attack it. It slipped past the Jaeger Romeo Blue, stationed at the city's ten mile mark, but was intercepted by Gipsy Danger, piloted by the Becket brothers, at the Miracle Mile.

The Kaiju was killed, but not before severely damaging Gipsy Danger and killing Yancy Becket by ripping away a large piece of the Jaeger's Conn-Pod, taking Yancy with it. Raleigh Becket managed to pilot Gipsy Danger to an icy shore where it was later picked up for repairs.

This Kaiju attack, though foiled, was a significant development in the Kaiju War as it was the first attack in which the Kaiju displayed cunning and strategy, and the first time a Jaeger was put out of service and a Ranger was killed by a Kaiju. [1]




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