"A drone survived. This one. Apex. It evolved into a singular creature. A bio-mech with no allegiance."

Apex is a Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid unknowingly built by Shao Industries with the intent of supplanting humanity.[1] Following the reemergence of the Kaiju in 2035, Apex gains independence and holds no allegiance to the Precursors.[2]


Like the other Drone Jaegers, Apex is bio-mechanical in its design, built using Kaiju blood, and a Kaiju's secondary brain built within a Quantum Data Core. While its Kaiju nature was initially concealed within the structure of a Jaeger, the activation of its secondary brain forces its organic nature outside its chassis. It can create Breaches independent of the Precursors, and form neural bridges with living organisms.

Unique to the Drone Jaegers and Kaiju, Apex can act outside the parameters of the Precursors' hivemind. On its own, Apex uses the isolated continent of Australia as a personal hunting ground, feeding off of other Kaiju it kills. Apex is hostile towards any and all life it considers a threat to its existence, but will cooperate with others if it chooses to.


Reemergence of the Kaiju

Apex is one of many Kaiju-Jaeger hybrids that attack the Pacific Rim following the activation of its secondary brain by Newton Geiszler. While Apex's brethren are killed by a feedback loop Liwen Shao creates to block the signal that Newton uses to control them,[1] Apex survives the feedback loop and falls dormant at the bottom of the sea.[2]

Gaining Independence

During the Uprising War, Apex regains consciousness and evolves independent from the Precursors. It begins attacking humans and Kaiju alike. Apex's rampage extends into Meridian City as the Kaiju begin to overrun Australia. While in Meridian City, it detects a Human-Kaiju Hybrid in the basement of the PPDC Recruitment Center and tries to establish a neural bridge with him, but fails.[2]

After Meridian City falls during Operation Blackout, Apex roams the ruined city, picking off the canine Kaiju that hunt in the area.[3] During its hunt, it inadvertently saves Taylor and Hayley Travis from certain death, but tries to eat them next. It later responds to the sound of Hayley calling for help, and goes after the Canine Kaiju pursuing them again.[3]

In the boneyard, it engages the Category III Kaiju, Acidquill, and attacks Atlas Destroyer. Apex is halted by the Kaiju Boy accompanying the Travis siblings; recognizing the child as the hybrid it attempted to drift with before, Apex and the boy form a bond. The two share their memories in the Drift before linking with Hayley to validate Boy's story, which convinces Apex to cease all hostile actions against Atlas Destroyer. As a parting token, it gifts the Travis siblings the arm of Chaos Nemesis before moving to consume the corpse of Acidquill.[2]



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