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Bone Spur[2] is a Kaiju of unknown category.


A bipedal Kaiju with a broad upper body, and three-fingered club-like hands, Bone Spur is reptilian in appearance with the bioluminescent glow from its veins. It can create spiked bone protrusions from its palm strong enough to pierce the armor of a Jaeger.


Bone Spur is one of several Kaiju clones that began to attack Australia following the Uprising War. The inital appearance of the Kaiju is during the early sentience of the Jaeger Drone, Apex. Within Meridian City, it attacked Pan Pacific Defense Corps forces trying to protect the city. Bone Spur is eventually killed by Apex.[3]

Operation Blackout

During the evacuation of Meridian City, one Bone Spur advances on a PPDC bus carrying civilians to safety. As it prepares to attack, Hunter Vertigo arrives and prevents the Kaiju from reaching the bus. Bone Spur smashes Hunter Vertigo into a building, and attempts to pierce its chest with a bone protrusion emerging from its palm. Hunter Vertigo retaliates by firing one of cryo-cannons, freezing Bone Spur solid. Shattering its arm, Hunter Vertigo uses the spike to destroy the rest of Bone Spur's body.