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"Boneyard" is the sixth episode of Pacific Rim: The Black, and the sixth episode in the series overall. It debuted on Netflix March 4, 2021.


When breaches suddenly appear and the Travis siblings are separated from the boy, the mysteries surrounding the uncanny kaiju-jaeger hybrid come to light.


Mei buries Joel in an unmarked grave following his sudden demise at the hands of Shane's exploding radio. Hayley feels responsible for his death the same way she does everyone but Mei takes lone responsibility. Hayley tries to get Mei to come with them, but she's reluctant, believing she's alone. Their peaceful moments are interrupted by the sudden appearance of several breaches.

Hayley and Taylor get inside Atlas Destroyer in time but they're separated from the boy. They search a nearby breach for him a find a boneyard of Kaiju and Jaeger. The remains of November Ajax, Valor Omega, and Titan Redeemer are there from the Uprising War. The pilots of the Titan were friends with Herc Hanson, the man Taylor ghost drifted with. He retains some of Herc's memories, making him believe he knew those rangers as well.

They continue through the boneyard until they find the boy. Another breach suddenly appears and a Kaiju attacks Atlas Destroyer. They're about to be killed when suddenly the Biomech appears once again to save them. The Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid approaches the boy, making Hayley panic, but the biomech only attacks Atlas when it approaches. It nearly kills them but the boy somehow convinces it to stop.

All four parties are taken into the drift where they can see the biotech's memories. They realize its name is Apex and that it has been trying to protect Boy since meeting him below the SDCC building. Apex gives a new arm from "Chaos Nemesis" with combat capabilities. Thanks to Apex's help, they escape the boneyard with the boy and Atlas Destroyer.


Voice Character
Gideon Adlon Hayley Travis
Calum Worthy Taylor Travis
Erica Lindbeck Loa
Victoria Grace Mei