The following is a list of other external and non-canon media appearances by Brawler Yukon.

Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game

Brawler Yukon (The Mobile Game)

Brawler Yukon as it appears in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Brawler Yukon is one of nine unlockable player characters in Reliance Games' Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.[1] Brawler Yukon was added to the game in June 2014[2] and costs a total of $6000 player points to obtain.

There are five alternate skins can be used to mod Brawler Yukon's character model: "Army", "Elite", "Sand Wraith", "Red Guard", and "Spec Ops". Unlike previously added Jaegers, Brawler Yukon has a weaponset entirely unique to it that can be upgraded and purchased and added to its arsenal.[1]



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