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Brina Travis is the wife of Ford Travis, and mother of Taylor and Hayley Travis. A Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, she was the co-pilot of Hunter Vertigo prior to and during the Operation Blackout event in Australia.


Early Life

Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

Moments prior to the activation of Operation Blackout by Ranger Herc Hansen, Brina, with pilot Ford, had just defeated an unknown Kaiju in Meridian City. Returning to the city to save her children, Brina and Ford worked with Marauder Zeus and its pilots to get them to safety. After securing the bus of evacuees, Brina and Ford are surprise attacked by Category III Kaiju, Acidquill. Marauder saves them using its Rotary Machine Gun. Moments later, Marauder Zeus is jumped by another Acidquill, and Brina and Ford are required to watch their Jaeger partner be destroyed.[2]

Brina and Ford pilot Hunter Vertigo to the Shadow Basin base to find that it has been covered. After registering another Acidquill approaching them, they leave the bus on a cliff edge, and turn to fight the oncoming Kaiju. After they attempt to engage their Cryo Cannons, Acidquill uses one of its tails to disable their left cannon. Brina then attempts to dislodge the cannon and strike the Kaiju with it. Ford deploys a warhead, the Kaiju deflects it back, but the both of them catch the warhead, and detonate it in the Kaiju's mouth, killing it.[2]

Brina leaves the Jaeger with Ford to tell her children that the both of them are unharmed. After exchanging a short conversation about the current occurrences, Brina and Ford show the bus evacuees a hidden oasis within the mountains. Brina and Ford leave the children in hopes to go and signal for help by heading towards Sydney.[2]

Abandoning Hunter Vertigo

After a battle in Clayton City, Brina and Ford are required to evacuate their Jaeger in order to survive the ordeal. They leave a message within the system of Hunter Vertigo in hopes that someone will find it. With their last nuclear warhead jammed in the launcher, Brina says that there is "no more fight left in this old Jaeger". She then asks for Marshal Rask to go and find the bus evacuees and their children at Shadow Basin. Ford and Brina then evacuate the Jaeger, leaving to the outside world where the Kaiju was.[3]