Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Cause of Death
Citizenship Unknown
Physical Description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career Information
Occupation Officer in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps[1]
Rank Officer[1]
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps[1]
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift[1]
Appeared In (non-canon)
Voice Actor(s)

Chowder is a officer in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the commanding officer of Duc Jessop. He aids Duc Jessop in the rescue of Kaori Koyamada during the attack of the Kaiju Thunderhead.[1]


Tales From The Drift

During the emergence of Thunderhead, Chowder ordered all officers aboard the aircraft carrier to scramble and prepare for a fight. Duc, who recently had his artificial limb refitted, asks to help the others officers. Chowder rejects his quest, reminding Duc that he is injured and that was not fit condition to fight.[1]

Duc insists, declaring that he could not stand by and watch while the others fight. Chowder realizes that Duc will simply ignore his orders and take matters into his own hands, and orders him to “suit up” so they can kill the Kaiju. Chowder pilots their submersible down underwater, Duc questions how they plan to kill Thunderhead and prepares to open fire when Chowder orders him to hold his fire.[1]

Chowder tells Duc to hail the submersible and overhears Kaori’s response, but doesn’t understand her, and Duc assumes she doesn’t want them to help. Chowder and Duc intervene, and use their submersible to distract Thunderhead. When the Kaiju releases the submersible, they fire on the ballasts of the vessel and force it to the surface. They follow suit, and Chowder remains behind, allowing Duc to check for survivors.[1]

When Thunderhead surfaces, it engages Brawler Yukon, who is dropped into the battle area to fight the Kaiju. Brawler is smashed against a bridge, the Jaeger destroy the support pillar, and a most of the bridge where spectators are watching the battle. In order to save the civilians, Chowder, Duc, and Kaori use the lifeboats attached to Kaori’s submersibles. Chowder steers the submersible close toward the pillar that Kaori can launch the lifeboats into the crumbling bottom of the pillar to act as a wedge, saving the civilians and preventing the collapse of the bridge.[1]


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