Chris Dubango is an associate of Mech Czar.[2]



March 3, 2034

Prior to Griffin’s arrival to the Santa Monica scrapyard, Dubango gives the former Jaeger pilot a weapon that can cut through metal. Griffin later gives it to one of his partners, Dwayne, and calls it a “gift from Chris Dubango”.[2]

When Griffin returns to Mech Czar's Headquarters in Los Angeles, he gives Chris the synaptic capacitor to add to Enforcer, a Rogue Jaeger being build on the order of Mech Czar.[1]

Chris believed the the synatpic capacitor would help solve the persistent problem with "recursive imaging" and sensory feedback. However, not moments after receiving the capacitor in hand, Czar's headquarters were attacked by Giovanni Capello's men.[1]

Chris is wheeled toward the workshop where he is told to work on Enforcer by Czar. Chris objects thinking they don't have time to recalibrate the Jaeger's system. Griffin takes the capacitor and boards the Rogue Jaeger, forcing Chris to aid him in starting up the machine.[1]

As Griffin continues to fight Giovanni's men, Chris monitors his life signs from inside the workshop with Czar and Pena.[3]


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