Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Combat Asset Dossier — Jaeger, Striker Eureka
Chapter: Chapter 23, page 237-238
Name: Striker Eureka

Generation: Mark V

Date of Service: November 2, 2019

Date of Termination: n/a

Ranger Team(s) Assigned:
Hercules Hansen, Charles Hansen

Mission History:
Striker Eureka is credited with thirteen kills, either solo or combined: MN-19, Manila, December 16, 2019; HC-20, Ho Chi Minh, May 25, 2020; Ceremander, Hawaii, October 9, 2021; Spinejackal, Melbourne, January 31, 2022; Taurax, Mindanao, July 24, 2022; Insurrector, Los Angeles, July 5, 2024; Bonesquid, Port Moresby, July 30, 2024; Hound, Auckland, August 28, 2024; Rachnid, Brisbane, September 25, 2024; KC-24, Kuching, October 4, 2024; Fiend, Acapulco, October 31, 2024; Kojiyama, Bohai Sea, November 30, 2024; Mutavore, Sydney, December 27, 2024. Recently reassigned Hong Kong Shatterdome in advance of decommissioning of Sydney Shatterdome.

Operating System:
Aribter 12 TAC-CONN

Power System:
X16 Supercell chamber

Sting Blade carbon-nanotube-edged weapon, superheated (retractable)
Pulse Gauntlet, adjustable projectile launcher
AKM rocket battery, chest-mounted; K-Stunner ramjet rocket magazines (retractable)
Burst propulsor and gravity capacitor system, combat-class balance enhancement

Striker Eureka is designated to carry the nuclear payload on Operation Pitfall (q.v.).

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