Pacific Rim Uprising-17

The Interior of Gipsy Avenger’s Conn-Pod.

Conn-Pods are the cockpit of the Jaegers. The central control hub of the mech, Rangers are able to control the Jaeger's every movement when connected in the Drift.[1]


Conn-Pods in later generation Jaeger contain no major moving parts that work from the previous iterations of Mark-1 through Mark-5 Jaegers. Conn-Pods appear to be stationary, locked to the body of the Jaeger unless forcibly removed or severed.[1]

The interior of the Conn-Pod is expanded, and dominated primarily with a holographic HUD, which acts as a representation of weapons and the overall operations of the Jaeger. Rangers are no longer locked to the Conn-Pod itself, but can move freely within the space of the cockpit with only minor interface to the Drivesuit required.[1]

Unique only to Bracer Phoenix, which uses a three-pilot cockpit design similar to Crimson Typhoon, a secondary Conn-Pod, the Gunner Pod, is used to operate the Centrifugal Vortex Cannons located on the Jaeger's chest. The Gunner Pod is situated in between the two cannons, and can rotate to face behind Guardian Bravo.[1]




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