Diablo Intercept is a Mark-2 Chilean Jaeger.



Ceptid Attack

Diablo Intercept is partnered with Romeo Blue and Puma Real on a mission to protect the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador against the Kaiju Ceptid.[2] Diablo Intercept is positioned to attack the Kaiju from the North, while Puma Real is situated at the South and Romeo Blue is positioned offshore to prevent the Kaiju from entering the city.[2]

Despite the efforts of Diablo Intercept and the other Jaegers, Captid is able to bypass them and kills itself, releasing a toxic gas throughout the city that kills twenty thousand civilians on contact, and fatally injuring fifteen thousand others who'd die slow deaths from exposure to the Kaiju's toxin.[2]

Simulated Test

In the simulated battle scenario recreating the battle against Ceptid, Renata is partnered with Ilya in Diablo Intercept. Using her knowledge of the events of the original battle, Renata organizes the team to attack Ceptid with their Jeager's long ranged weapons to keep it from reaching the city.[2]

Renata and Ilya fire on Captid using Diablo Intercept's Hellbolts, setting the Kaiju on fire. The attack fails to prevent Captid from reaching the shore, where it promptly knocks Romeo Blue out of comission. Renata orders Ou-Yang Jinhai and Viktoriya Malikova, piloting Puma Real, to go after Captid before it can come ashore any further, but the Kaiju releases it toxic gas, ending the simulation.[2]


Diablo Intercept is a stoutly designed Mark-2 Jaeger with a Conn-Pod painted dark red. Diablo Intercept's design invokes "strength" and is armed with bulkily designed flame throwers that could be used from great distances on each of its arms.[note 1] Additionally, Diablo Intercept is armed with Hellbolts, explosive rounds using napalm-like substance that caught flame.[note 2]


  1. "[...]Renata and Ilya were in Diablo Intercept, also a Mark-2, built in Chile, the country Renata called home. She looked squat and powerful, her Conn-Pod painted dark red. Not having access to Diablo's controls, he wasn't sure what her capabilities were, although he remembered she had some sort of long-distance flame throwers that ran up her arms, which were bulky enough to hide any number of nasty surprises for Kaiju".
  2. "[...]At about the same time, Diablo Intercept began hitting hit with Hellbolts, shells full of napalm-like substance that soon had the Kaiju covered in sheets of flame."


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