Drivesuit Preperation

Yancy Becket is helped into his Drivesuit by a technician.

The Drivesuit Room[1] is the highest point in the Shatterdome.


The Drivesuit Room serves as the final preparation for Jaeger pilots. The polycarbonate shell and circuitry suit are stored in separate cabinets before being removed to outfit the Rangers. Pilots are then helped into their Drivesuits by a team of Drivesuit technicians.

In accordance to the time constraints provided by the initial breach of the Kaiju, the technicians have less than seven minutes to outfit the pilots in their armor and get them aboard the Conn-Pod to initiate both the Drift and the launch of the Jaeger.[1] After pilots return from combat they, and likely their Drivesuits, are required to undergo decontamination in separate chambers.




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