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This article is about the Drones created by Shao Industries. You may be looking for the Hybrids, or Apex from The Black.

Drone Jaegers are remote-controlled mechs designed by Shao Industries.[1]


Pacific Rim Uprising


Technologist Liwen Shao was motivated to design the Drone Jaegers out of apparent concern for the lives of Jaeger pilots. The implementation of Drone Jaegers would allow a single pilot to control the drone without risk to themselves, and allow the number of Jaegers deployed across the Pacific Rim to increase.[1]

One of Shao’s primary arguments for the existence of her Drone Jaegers was that their implementation during the Kaiju War may have saved the life of Stacker Pentecost, who was killed during the Battle of the Breach.[1][2]

The construction of Shao’s drones was greatly aided by Newton Geiszler, a former K-science officer with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps who had recently entered the corporate world. However, unbeknownst to Shao, Newton used her technology to propel the creation of a hybrid of Kaiju and Jaeger using cloned DNA from Kaiju tissue. One of his first successes was Obsidian Fury.[1]

Reemergence of the Kaiju

In 2035, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps called a special council meeting to decide whether or not Shao’s Drone Jaegers would be implemented on a massive scale. Among the individuals crucial to the vote was Secretary-General Mako Mori, who disagreed with the use of the unmanned Jaegers.[1]

Deliberations were interrupted with the arrival of Obsidian Fury, who was sent to disrupt the meeting. Following the death of Mako Mori, Shao’s drones were officially sanctioned. Following the discovery of Obsidian Fury’s nature, and the presence of Shao Industries' technology in its design, Shao was suspected of sabotaging the council meeting to achieve her goals by those closest to Mako.[1]

Shao’s name was later cleared when Newton Geiszler revealed himself as the culprit and activated the organic nature of the Drone Jaegers who, unbeknownst of Shao, had been designed with Kaiju DNA. Shao, who originally believed that the remote control design was a benefit for human operations, aided Hermann Gottlieb is disabling the drones by inducing a feedback loop that destroyed the Kaiju brains controlling them.

Though she was able to disable the drones, their ultimate purpose – creating new Breaches – had been fulfilled. In addition, much of the PPDC's forces had been decimated by the drone attacks, leaving them with only four Jaegers to combat the newly-emerged Kaiju.[1]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Uprising War

Despite the feedback loop that Liwen Shao created to destroy the Drones[1], over twenty three Drone Jaegers that did not outwardly transform survived. Their continued engagement saw their conflict with the PPDC presumably conclude in Australia.[3]

There, they engaged November Ajax, Chaos Nemesis, Horizon Bravo, and a reconstructed Valor Omega and Titan Redeemer. The Drone Jaegers appeared to fight to alongside Category IV and Category V Kaiju, Leatherback, Mutavore, and Slattern.[3] The conflict with the surviving Drone Jaegers and the reemerging Kaiju was later dubbed the "Uprising War".


Drone Jaegers are unmanned machines controlled remotely using a quantum data core. The quantum data core allows a single user to control the drone without the presence of a second pilot, and eases the neural load.[2]

Drone Jaegers are mass-produced machines, designed with hard, white shell armor that hid their organic nature, and resembled the design template used by Apple and Tesla.[2] Drone Jaegers are armed with a chest energy beam, also used for opening Breaches, and sidewinder-type missiles.[1]