Dwayne is an associate of Mech Czar.[1]


Dwayne arrives at the Santa Monica scrapyard with Verma, Hawk, and Pena. As they prepare to enter the scrapyard to salvage parts on Mech Czar’s request, Dwayne asks Pena if they should wait for Joshua Griffin to arrive. Pena dismisses the idea of waiting for him moments before he actually arrives to the scrapyard on motorcycle.[1]

Griffin hands Dwayne a gun from a man named Chris Dubango, and asks that he make them a way inside. Dwayne burns a makeshift door into the wall of the sealed-off scrapyard and the teams enters. Griffin warns the others against the presence of droids that may be searching for them, but Pena dismisses him on ignorance.[1]

Dwayne tries to speak up for Griffin, saying that he knew what he was talking about, but Pena dismissed him. A noise alerts Dwayne and Pena to the arrival of Giovanni Capello’s men. Dwayne is the first among the group that is taken out with a shot the stomach.[1]


  • Dwayne speaks with a noticeable stutter.


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