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"Escaping Bogan" is the fifth episode of Pacific Rim: The Black, and the fifth episode in the series overall. It debuted on Netflix March 4, 2021.


Shane forces Taylor and Hayley out of his settlement and attempts to tie up any loose ends. After Rickter's assassination attempt on the siblings fails, Mei helps Taylor join up with Joel in order to find a solution to their common problem.


Taylor and Hayley say goodbye to Atlas Destroyer until Mei forces them to leave at gunpoint. Shane promised to let them leave Bogan alive, but he tells Rickter to kill them all after they leave. Mei is ordered to help Joel get the Jaeger up and running, but his mind is shot from trying to pair with so many people in the drift. He's angry to hear that Shane is threatening his life if Atlas isn't walking by the end of the day.

Taylor and Hayley leave the area and argue about their next move. Rickter interrupts them and shoots the boy, attempting to kill all three of them. However, the boy survives the gunshot and helps them stop Rickter. Before Taylor uses his rage to shoot Rickter, Mei takes the gun and does it herself. She hears Shane's orders over the radio, confirming he broke his promise.

Mei brings Taylor to Joel, so they can work together and get Atlas up and running. Meanwhile, a soldier sent to find Rickter happens upon Hayley and the boy. He captures them and brings them back to Shane, who interrogates the girl. Desperate, Joel suggests uploading a ghost pilot from the past, Herc Hansen.

In the original fight in Meridian, Herc was the first of the Ranger's to fight. It was his final mission to initiate Operation Blackout, causing the satellite array to fall and the air raid to begin. Shane orders all his men to search for Taylor as the boy boots up the Jaeger, causing Shane to realize Mei is helping him. The ghost pilot sequence completes and Taylor solo pilots Atlas. He has the chance to kill Shane, but Mei stops him.

Taylor successfully rescues Hayley, who joins him in the drift. Before they make their leave, Taylor tries to rescue Mei. She gets in the Jaeger and takes over for Taylor, piloting alongside Hayley. Together they destroy Bogan and leave Shane in the flaming remains. Afterward, they attempt to regroup and Shane contacts Joel on the radio. It suddenly explodes, killing Joel and horrifying Mei.


Voice Character
Gideon Adlon Hayley Travis
Calum Worthy Taylor Travis
Erica Lindbeck Loa
Victoria Grace Mei
Andy McPhee Shane
Leonardo Nam Rickter
Vincent Piazza Joel Wyrick