Tresspasser brought down

Trespasser, the first Kaiju to attack humanity, left several Exclusion Zones in its awake before it was finally killed.

An Exclusion Zone[1] is a localized in a city on coast the Pacific Rim where a Kaiju attack has taken place and where a Kaiju may be killed.


Exclusion Zones are so named on account of the early methods of combating Kaiju and the destruction caused by the Kaiju itself. While traditional militarized weaponry could do minimal damage to the creature[2], the toxicity of a Kaiju's blood from its wounds, in combination with the destruction it caused, left many areas in unsafe conditions.[3][4]

When a Kaiju was eventually killed, its body would "self-destruct", decomposing in such a way that its blood became a mist that eroded much of the surrounding environment.[3][5][note 1] Several early examples of exclusion zones from the Kaiju War come from the August 2013 attack. The cities of San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland were destroyed during the attempt to stop Trespasser, before it was killed with nuclear ordnance in Oakland.[2][4] The final nuclear attack and the toxic, blue blood of the Kaiju contaminated the water and left the cities deemed uninhabitable in the aftermath.[6][7] HAZMAT teams are often required to enter a exclusion zone to cleanup the remains of a Kaiju and its blood.[4][note 2] Years may pass before civilians can reenter an exclusion zone.[note 3]

With the creation of the Jaeger Program and the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, damage and loss of life to the surrounding city could be minimized through the combined forces of the Jaegers and Strike Troopers. Exclusion zones could be restricted to the location of the Kaiju's eventual death. Kaiju organ Harvesters, such as Hannibal Chau's group, eventually learned how to neutralize the toxins of the Kaiju Blue to a point where it could be safe to enter without HAZMAT suits.[8][7][4]


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