From the Shadows” is the first episode of Pacific Rim: The Black, and the first episode in the series overall. It debuted on Netflix March 4, 2021.


Australia has fallen to the threat of the Kaiju. After two Jaeger pilots get their children to safety, they're forced to leave them behind to find help. Five years pass and they don't return, leaving their children to follow in their footsteps and begin a search for their only remaining family.


Large seismic breaches erupt across Central Australia, leading to a Kaiju invasion that leads the entire continent to fall. All citizens are given the order to evacuate and must reach Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, or Sydney in five days to be rescued. In one of the evacuating cities, Meridian, a small team of Jaegers fight to protect the civilians as they evacuate.

Ford and Brina Travis use their Jaeger, Hunter Vertigo, to fight on personal business, trying to help their young children escape with a group of humans being moved on a Pan Pacific Defense Corpses vehicle. Another Jaeger, Marauder Zeus, looks to reduce as many Kaiju as possible. It isn't long before the transport vehicle is stuck and a Kaiju attacks it. Ford and Brina fight it off but just barely survive the encounter. During the fight, Ito contacts them to issue the order for all Jaegers to retreat away from Central Australia. Shortly after, Australia's array of satellites falls from the sky, signaling the initiation of "the black".

Hunter Vertigo attempts to move the bus, but they're attacked by another Kaiju. Marauder Zeus saves them, but this leaves him vulnerable to being attacked and the Jaeger is destroyed. Their sacrifice allows Hunter Vertigo to escape from the city as even more Kaiju rise from the breaches. Ford and Brina leave all the civilians behind in an old Shadow Basin, but the base is gone. They're attacked by another Kaiju and are able to survive, but must leave immediately after. The civilians, including young Hayley and Taylor, must stay behind while Ford and Brina head for Sydney to get help.

Five years later, Ford and Brina never returned. Hayley and Taylor and now teenagers and functional members of the community. Hayley believes their parents are dead but Taylor believes in them. They happen upon an old Jaeger training facility underground and boot up an old training Jaeger called Atlas Destroyer. However, this sets off an alarm that attracts a Copperhead Kaiju to the community. The siblings are able to use the training Jaeger to throw the Kaiju down a large canyon, but many of the villagers including Rosa, Shannon, and Kevin are killed in the battle.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Taylor and Hayley decide to take the Jaeger and search for their missing parents.


Voice Character
Gideon Adlon Hayley Travis
Calum Worthy Taylor Travis
Erica Lindbeck Loa
Allie MacDonald Brina Travis
Jason Spisak Ford Travis
Camryn Jones Young Hayley
Cole Keriazakos Young Taylor
Bryton James Corey
Ron Yuan Shiro Ito
David Errigo, Jr. Root






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