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Gipsy Danger's Chain Sword (left hand).

The GD6 Chain Sword was a primary weapon for the Mark-3 Jaeger Gipsy Danger.[1][2][3] It was personally designed by Mako Mori and added into the Jaeger's wrists during the Mark III Restoration Program.[2]


The chain swords were made from a steel-obsidian alloy and built into Gipsy Danger's forearms. When deployed, the sword was a loose chain that locked together to form a solid blade.[1][3]


While fighting the Category IV Kaiju Otachi in Hong Kong, China in 2025, Gipsy Danger was briefly overpowered by the Kaiju and carried up into the atmosphere. When it became clear that they had no other options left, Gipsy Danger's pilots, Mako and Raleigh Becket, activated the chain sword and used it to slice Otachi in half, freeing them from the Kaiju's grip and sending them into freefall back down towards the surface of the planet.[1]

During Operation Pitfall, Gipsy Danger's right chain sword was torn from its body when the Category IV Kaiju Raiju ambushed the Jaeger from behind. Despite this, Gipsy Danger was still able to use its left chain sword effectively against the Category IV Kaiju Scunner and even cut Raiju completely in half by using the Kaiju's own speed against it.

During their attempt to destroy the Breach, Mako used Gipsy Danger's left chain sword against the Category V Kaiju Slattern when the beast somehow survived Striker Eureka's self-destruction and attempted to block them from entering the portal. When Gipsy Danger tackled Slattern into the Breach, Mako was able to impale the sword through one of the protrusions on Slattern's back, further injuring it and keeping the Jaeger attached to the Kaiju as they careened off the edge towards the portal.[1]



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