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This article is about the Mark-3 Jaeger in the film. You may be looking for the Gipsy Danger (disambiguation page).

Gipsy Danger is a Mark-3 American Jaeger and was one of the oldest Jaegers still in active combat after Cherno Alpha until its destruction in 2025.


Early Combat History

Gipsy Danger was constructed on Kodiak Island at the Jaeger Academy’s Jaeger testing facility. Launched on July 10, 2017, Gipsy Danger was stationed at the Anchorage Shatterdome and tasked to defend the coastline of Alaska.[3] Piloted by the Becket brothers, Yancy and Raleigh, the Mark-3 Jaeger is accredited with four Kaiju kills in the span of four years.[4]

Its first combat mission was in Los Angeles on October 17, 2017, against the Kaiju Yamarashi. Gipsy and one other unnamed Jaeger were dropped into the mouth of the Los Angeles River to head off the Kaiju's path into the city. When their partner’s missile barrage fails to stop the Kaiju, Gipsy Danger takes over as the primary combatant. Gipsy then forces the Kaiju to move through the port of Long Beach toward Harbor Freeway. Near the end of the battle, Gipsy gains the upper hand and uses a cargo crane wire to behead the Kaiju and win the battle.[4][3]

The following year, Gipsy Danger was deployed in Puerto San Jose, May 20, 2018, to combat the Kaiju that makes landfall there. On July 22, 2019, Gipsy fights and kills the Kaiju Clawhook in San Diego.[4][3] One of the Jaeger’s first Jaeger team missions occurs in Manila on December 16, 2019. Gipsy, Horizon Brave and Lucky Seven[5] were deployed to stop a barb-tailed Category IV Kaiju. During the battle, Horizon Brave is overpowered by the Kaiju but Lucky Seven and Gipsy manage to save the Mark-1 Jaeger and kill the Kaiju.[4][3][6]

Anchorage Attack

February 29, 2020, Gipsy Danger is deployed into the Gulf of Alaska to fight the Kaiju Knifehead. They approach the Kaiju's present target, the Saltchuck, from underwater and emerge in time to save the fishing boat from certain destruction, disobeying Stacker Pentecost's order to ignore it. Gipsy Danger punches Knifehead in the face, knocking the Kaiju off balance. Raising its arms, it lands a blow on the Kaiju's head. Knifehead retaliates, catching the Jaeger's left wrist in its jaws. Gipsy Danger pushes back and grabs the side of its head. The Beckets use the Plasmacaster and shoot Knifehead three times in the abdomen. Knifehead falls to the sea, presumed dead by the pilots.[3]

Knifehead pins Gipsy Against an Iceberg.

Their victory, however, is short-lived. The injured Kaiju reemerges from the ocean and ambushes the Jaeger. Yancy attempts to hold Knifehead back while Raleigh preps the left Plasmacaster. Knifehead blocks the attack and pierces the Jaeger's armpit. Knifehead severs the left arm from Gipsy Danger's body. Overpowering Gipsy Danger, Knifehead breaches the right side of the Conn-Pod and tears away half of Gipsy Danger's head, killing Yancy in the process.[3]

As Knifehead begins to tear away at Gipsy Danger's armor, Raleigh is able to use the right Plasmacaster to kill the Kaiju once and for all. Raleigh is able to pilot Gipsy long enough to reach the shores of Anchorage, where the Jaeger falls. Raleigh emerges from the Conn-Pod and collapses on the beach from the near-fatal strain of piloting Gipsy solo.[3]


Following its victory, Gipsy Danger is presumably returned to the Anchorage Shatterdome. The following year, 2021, it is transported to Oblivion Bay, a Jaeger graveyard in Oakland, California.[7][6]

Mark III Restoration Program

Main article: Mark III Restoration Program

In 2023, Gipsy Danger is removed from Oblivion Bay and returned to the Anchorage Shatterdome to undergo repairs as sanctioned by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[8][3][4] It undergoes major reconstruction and refurbishment under the supervision of Mako Mori and Tendo Choi.[4][3] Gipsy Danger is re-introduced with new technology, a solid iron hull with no alloys, retractable chain swords, new cockpit and updates to the control interfaces to match recent tech upgrades by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[3][4]

When the United Nations announced the closure of the Anchorage Shatterdome in 2024, Gipsy Danger is relocated to the Hong Kong Shatterdome alongside Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka. Raleigh Becket is later recruited by Stacker Pentecost to return as co-pilot of Gipsy Danger.[3]

Hong Kong Incident

Gipsy Danger prepares to fight Leatherback.

Gipsy Danger is the last Jaeger to arrive on the scene in Victoria Harbour and saves Striker Eureka after it is disabled by an EMP burst from Leatherback. Gipsy Danger engages Leatherback, drawing its attention away from the disabled Jaeger and its pilots, Herc and Chuck Hansen. Gipsy Danger tears the EMP organ from Leatherback's body and appears to gain the upper hand in the battle. However, Leatherback tosses the Jaeger across the harbor and into the port.[3]

Gipsy Danger fights to keep Leatherback from breaching the port any further. It uses its elbow rocket to keep Leatherback down. Grappling the Kaiju from behind, Gipsy continues to push Leatherback back toward the water. Locked in a power struggle, Gipsy Danger amputates Leatherback's arm with the Plasmacaster, killing the Kaiju with several shots to its side. Raleigh decides to "check for a pulse" by unloading another volley of shots into its body, making sure that it's really dead. Once the Kaiju's death is confirmed, Gipsy Danger enters the city armed with an oil tanker.[3]

Gipsy Danger fights Otachi with the tanker until the Kaiju tears the ship from its grasp and tosses it aside. Lashing out with its tail, Otachi uses the city buildings to evade detection. During the search, Gipsy Danger is ambushed by the Kaiju and smashed through the adjacent buildings. Otachi spits acid at the Jaeger, but Gipsy Danger avoids the attack and the acid disintegrates part of a building.[3] Mako uses the coolant from Gipsy Danger's reserves to freeze Otachi's tail and shatter it when the Kaiju tries to crush its head.

Gipsy Danger tears out Otachi's acid sack and tosses it away. Otachi digs its talons into Gipsy and unfurls its wings, taking off with Gipsy Danger in tow. After several unsuccessful attempts at freeing themselves, Mako engages Gipsy's chain sword and bisects Otachi above Earth's atmosphere. Gipsy Danger plummets to the ground at increasing speed but lands safely in a stadium when it purges its nuclear reactor to slow its descent and loosens all the shock absorbers at Marshal Pentecost's instruction.[3]

Operation Pitfall

Striker Eureka and Gipsy about to be deployed.

After the Rangers regroup, Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka are taken to the Marianas Trench to assault the Breach. The two Jaegers are cut off by the arrival of Raiju, Scunner and Slattern. The two Kaiju separate Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger. Gipsy Danger fights Scunner when the Kaiju ambushes it from the darkness. The Jaeger overpowers the Kaiju and prepares to kill it with its chain sword when its right arm is torn off by Raiju.

Scunner uses Gipsy Danger's momentary vulnerability to its advantage and tears at its leg. Mako and Raleigh stab the Kaiju in the head and drag it over a volcanic pit to burn its head. Scunner breaks away from the Jaeger as Raiju begins its re-approach. Gipsy Danger uses its left chain sword to bisect Raiju.[3]

Slattern calls for Scunner's assistance, allowing Gipsy a momentary reprieve. Raleigh and Mako attempt to help Striker, but Pentecost warns them away, ordering them to use Gipsy's nuclear reactor to destroy the Breach. Striker Eureka uses the nuclear bomb strapped to its back to kill Scunner and wound Slattern. Gipsy crouches low to the ground and braces itself with the chain sword to withstand the nuclear tidal wave that parts the sea for a moment; creating an air bubble. As the water rushes back, the mech is pummeled by the turbulent water. Mako and Raleigh recover, but not without sustaining heavy damage to Gipsy Danger's internal systems.[3]

Gipsy Danger drags Raiju's corpse and limps for the portal. They are momentarily halted by Slattern, who is grievously wounded by the nuclear explosion. Gipsy instead tackles Slattern and stabs the Kaiju. As they both enter the portal, Gipsy finally kills Slattern using a point-blank blast from the nuclear vortex turbine. The Kaiju's body allows them to enter the Breach.[3]

Running out of air due to battle damage, Raleigh ejects Mako from the Jaeger. He manually arms Gipsy's nuclear reactor to self-destruct and moves to escape in his own pod. The Precursors watch as Gipsy Danger descends down toward them and explodes, destroying the Kaiju creation facility and collapsing the Breach.[3]


Gipsy Danger's appearance, faded blue paint job, and romanticized decal, invokes the visual design of fighter aircraft like Vought F4U Corsair from the World War II era.[1] Its body language "echos Raleigh, but is largely its own".[1] Because Gipsy Danger's head is detachable from its body, large flaps stemming from its shoulders to protect the back of its head and the base of the neck where the body connects with the Conn-Pod.[1]

Gipsy's 08FS/Oceanic Cooling vents maintain temperature and channel seawater through the circulatory coolant system; 98BD/Hyper-Torque Drives allow Gipsy Danger's muscle strands increased locomotion. Gipsy's Nuclear Vortex Turbine maintains health checks and returned radio chemical readings in excess of safety parameters. The turbine can also be utilized to fire a directed heat weapon powerful enough to puncture completely through a grappling Kaiju when fired at point blank range.

Equalizing the Jaeger's movement are 10KT/Gyro-Stabilizers, which allow for smooth bipedal motion and stabilize aggressor feud. Gipsy Danger also features two rear jets which allow for an increase in forwarding movement for a limited amount of time. They can be used to aid in the Jaeger's ability to leap into the air, quickly decreasing the distance between it and a kaiju to land a melee attack.

For each hand, the Jaeger possesses an I-19 Plasmacaster, a particle dispersal cannon that fires plasma via a charged carrier rail, which wound and cauterize Kaiju anatomy, preventing the spread of Kaiju Blue. It also has two retractable GD6 Chain Swords which is created from steel-obsidian alloy, personally outfitted by Mako Mori.[1]. The Chain Swords can be used as solid blades or whips.[1] In addition to those features, the Gipsy Danger is able to dump much of its coolant as an improvised weapon and possesses a rocket for increased punching power in its right elbow (possibly in its left one as well).

In the aftermath of its partial destruction, Gipsy Danger's systems are updated to modern standards similar to more recent series of Jaegers.[1] However, as result of its age, its suspension is looser, its parts move more than the latest Jaeger models, making it more vulnerable to melee attacks.[1] Like all Mark-1, Mark-2 and Mark-3 Jaegers, Gipsy Danger is powered by a nuclear reactor located in the center of its chest. Its status as an "analog" Jaeger makes it resilient to EMP-based attacks.[9]

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Gipsy Danger, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Yamarashi 10/17/2017 Los Angeles Unknown Jaeger
PSJ-18 5/20/2018 Puerto San Jose Solo
Clawhook 7/22/2019 San Diego Solo
MN-19 12/16/2019 Manila, Philippines Horizon Brave
Lucky Seven[5]
Knifehead 2/29/2020 Anchorage, Alaska Solo
Leatherback 1/8/2025 Hong Kong, China Solo
Otachi 1/8/2025 Hong Kong, China Solo
Raiju 1/12/2025 Marianas Trench, Challenger Deep Striker Eureka
Slattern 1/12/2025 Marianas Trench, Challenger Deep Striker Eureka

Given Name


In the original screenplay for Pacific Rim, Gipsy Danger's key signifier and namesake was the image of a pinup decal featuring a "buxom Gipsy riding a bomb". Respectively, its pilots, "Raleigh Antrobus" and Mako Mori, were referred to as "Roma 1" or "Roma 2"[10], "Roma" being the colloquial term for the Romani people of Europe, the Americas and Asia.[11]

However, prior and shortly after the film's release July 12, 2013, information slowly began to circulate among fans that the etymology behind the term "Gipsy" was in fact pejorative.[12] "Gipsy" is a British variant spelling of the word "Gypsy"[13]. The term, and the casual reference to a theft, "Gypped"[14], is an ethnic slur used to refer to the Romani people.[15]

When Beacham was contacted on the matter of part of the name's definition on his twitter account, he claimed that he named Gipsy Danger after the pre-World War II aircraft engine, de Havilland Gipsy, designed by Frank Halford.[16] He apologized, saying that his knowledge of the term's definition was "context-specific" and that he was unfamiliar with the pejorative use and promised to "be more careful" in future.[17]

In an effort to avoid offending and using the slur, some fans of the film have taken to referring to Gipsy Danger as "Lady Danger"[18][19][20][21][22], "de Havilland Danger"[23] or merely "Danger"[12] and "G Danger".[24] However, "Gipsy Danger" is still the preferred term to when discussing the Jaeger in general.


  • Gipsy Danger's "mien" was inspired by prized UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre.[1]
  • According to Guillermo del Toro, the design team wanted Gipsy Danger to "feel like a classic, old gunslinger" (John Wayne) and designed its anatomy after that of a cowboy. del Toro also referenced tanker ships and art deco as an influence in Gipsy Danger's design. In particular, there were large flat areas with a lot of plating, with spots in between showing the intricacies of its inner workings.
  • Gipsy Danger has the "no power moves" glitch in Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator.
  • Gipsy Danger's Plasmacaster appears to be modeled from a real-life particle accelerator/practical plasma system. When charged, one can see the caster generating several high-energy electromagnetic fields to create and eject streams of directed plasma energy.
  • The Plasmacaster is referred to as the "Plasma Cannon" in Pacific Rim.
  • Gipsy Danger is a playable character in the Pacific Rim: The Video Game.
  • A 7" Gipsy Danger figure is part of Series One of NECA's Pacific Rim collectible figures, with a battle-damaged version being released as part of Series Two.
  • Gipsy Danger is the only jaeger featured in almost every NECA series other than "Series Three".
  • Gipsy Danger makes a cameo appearance in the Guillermo del Toro directed couch-gag for the Simpsons Halloween special, "Treehouse of Horror XXIV".[25]
  • NECA's tagline for Gipsy Danger is "The Steel Titan".[26]
  • Gipsy Danger's Conn-Pod rotates 360 degrees when connecting with the main body.[3]
  • On the Control panel of Raleigh's drivesuit Harness in Gipsy Danger, the words "Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems Inc" are written. A reference to the company in the movie "Buckaroo Banzai".


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