Hakuja is a Category IV Kaiju and one of three Kaiju that attacks the city of MegaTokyo in 2035.[1]


Hakuja is a hexapedal Kaiju covered in Crustacean-like armor, with a body-style similar to that of an alligator. Similar to a mole, it is capable of burrowing several feet underground, using its armored head to break through the ground and to ambush an opponent.[1] Hakuja's muscles are strengthened by its molten blood, and its armor-plated spiked tail can pierce the armor of a Jaeger.[3]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Hakuja is one of three Kaiju that make it out of several artificially-created breaches made by the Kaiju-Jaeger drones, the other two being Raijin and Shrikethorn. They enter MegaTokyo on their way to Mount Fuji, where they are intercepted by the four Jaegers. Hakuja leaps toward Saber Athena, but it ducks beneath it and cuts across its right shoulder.[2]

It recovers and attempts to reengage against Saber Athena, who kicks it in the face, knocking it back. As it recovers, Saber Athena attacks it again and gains the upper hand. Shrikethorn disarms the Jaeger, allowing Hakuja to pounce toward it and tries to bite at its Conn Pod.[2]

Guardian Bravo slashes across Hakuja's back with its Elec-16 Arc Whip, drawing the Kaiju away from Saber Athena. It lashes out and attempts to attack Guardian Bravo, but is knocked through a building by its whip. As Hakuja tries to put distance between itself and the Jaeger, it spots and attempts to attack Bracer Phoenix. Bracer Phoenix fires on Hakuja's head with its Vortex Cannons and backs away. All three Kaiju eventually back up in close proximity, and Newton Geiszler deploys the Rippers to fuse Hakuja's body with Raijin and Shrikethorn to create the Mega-Kaiju.[2]



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