Hawk is an associate of Mech Czar.[1]


Hawk travels alongside Verma, Dwayne, and Pena to the Santa Monica scrapyard on the order of Mech Czar, to salvage parts. As the other prepare to enter the scrapyard, Hawk stands aside from the others, presumably watching out for Joshua Griffin.[1]

When Griffin arrives, Hawk is the first to greet him, voicing his worry that Griffin would not arrive. Griffin assures Hawk and the others that he wouldn’t leave Pena in charge of their group. After Dwayne cuts a makeshift door into the wall of the scrapyard, Hawk offers Griffin a HAZMAT suit, but the former Jaeger pilot declines to wear one.[1]

Inside the scrapyard, the group is warned by Griffin to only salvage what Czar wants and not to be greedy. Before they can begin the process, they are attacked by men working for Giovanni Capello. Verma and Hawk attempt to defend the group after Dwayne is shot, but Hawk is shot as well, leaving Verma the only armed member team standing.[1]


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