Hayley Travis[1] is the sister of Taylor Travis and the co-pilot of Atlas Destroyer. Following the events of Operation Blackout, Taylor and his sister search for their missing parents on the isolated continent of Australia.


Early Life

Hayley was born to the Jaeger pilots Ford and Brina Travis. She was close to her brother, expressing loneliness when he began Jaeger training.[2]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

During the evacuation of Australia, Hayley and Travis are evacuated from Meridian City, and are cornered by a Kaiju. They are saved by their parents piloting the Jaeger Hunter Vertigo, who take them to live in the abandoned PPDC base Shadow Basin. She expresses greater opposition to her parent's departure, requesting to go with them. Reluctantly, she accepts their departure and agrees to be looked after by Taylor.[3]

Life in Shadow Basin

While Hayley becomes used to life in Shadow Basin, she is less content, believing there was more to the world outside Shadow Basin. As a result, she often makes exhibitions near the outside of the basin, as well as assisting settlers in leaving. In addition, she accepts that her parents will not return for them. These actions put her at odds with Taylor, who wishes to remain in Shadow Basin.

Five years after Operation Blackout was initiated, she forgoes her chores to give supplies and navigation to Corey, who was planning to leave Shadow Basin with others. Afterwards, she shows her friend Rosa a Jaeger helmet found on one of her exhibitions, infuriating Taylor. Upon arguing with him, she becomes upset, resolving to leave Shadow Basin. She does not make it far, as she falls down a hole into a surviving part of Base 29.

Exploration of that part leads to her discovery of the Jaeger Atlas Destroyer. Engagement with its A.I. Loa leads to her "induction" as a Jaeger cadet, but ultimately is of no interest to her, skipping the training subroutines. She is later joined by her brother, surprised that the Jaeger was still there. His past as a Jaeger cadet leads to them being paired as partners, activating a training exercise. This exercise has the unfortunate effect of attracting the Kaiju Copperhead, which proceeds to attack Shadow Basin and the Jaeger. Hayley is forced to drift with her brother in order to pilot the Jaeger. The inexperienced Hayley has difficulty in the drift, showing reluctance before successfully drifting with her brother. With Loa's assistance, she subdues the Kaiju, but to her horror, discovers that the entirety of Shadow Basin is destroyed. With nowhere else to go, Hayley joins her brother to search for their parents.[3]

Return to Meridian City


Clayton City

Known Inconsistencies


  • Taylor and Hayley are unisex given names.
  • Before Taylor's arrival, Hayley was more childlike in her exploration of Atlas, dismissing various training programs as boring.
  • According to Shane, Hayley is 14 years old.


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