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"He's not a weapon, Marshal. Not anymore. Like everyone else in The Black, he emerged very changed from the way he went in."
—Hayley reflects on Boy's humanity

Hayley Travis[1] is the sister of Taylor Travis and the co-pilot of Atlas Destroyer. Stranded following Operation Blackout, Taylor and his sister piloted their way out of the continent of Australia.


Early Life

Hayley was born to the Jaeger pilots Ford and Brina Travis. She was close to her brother, expressing loneliness when he began Jaeger training.[2]

Operation Blackout

During the evacuation of Australia, Hayley and Travis are evacuated from Meridian City, and are cornered by a Kaiju. They are saved by their parents piloting the Jaeger Hunter Vertigo, who take them to live in the abandoned PPDC base Shadow Basin. She expresses greater opposition to her parent's departure, requesting to go with them. Reluctantly, she accepts their departure and agrees to be looked after by Taylor.[3]

Life in Shadow Basin

While Hayley becomes used to life in Shadow Basin, she is less content, believing there was more to the world outside Shadow Basin. As a result, she often makes exhibitions near the outside of the basin, as well as assisting settlers in leaving. In addition, she accepts that her parents will not return for them. These actions put her at odds with Taylor, who wishes to remain in Shadow Basin.

Five years after Operation Blackout was initiated, she forgoes her chores to give supplies and navigation to Corey, who was planning to leave Shadow Basin with others. Afterwards, she shows her friend Rosa a Jaeger helmet found on one of her exhibitions, infuriating Taylor. Upon arguing with him, she becomes upset, resolving to leave Shadow Basin. She does not make it far, as she falls down a hole into a surviving part of Base 29.

Exploration of that part leads to her discovery of the Jaeger Atlas Destroyer. Engagement with its A.I. Loa leads to her "induction" as a Jaeger cadet, but ultimately is of no interest to her, skipping the training subroutines. She is later joined by her brother, surprised that the Jaeger was still there. His past as a Jaeger cadet leads to them being paired as partners, activating a training exercise. This exercise has the unfortunate effect of attracting the Kaiju Copperhead, which proceeds to attack Shadow Basin and the Jaeger. Hayley is forced to drift with her brother in order to pilot the Jaeger. The inexperienced Hayley has difficulty in the drift, showing reluctance before successfully drifting with her brother. With Loa's assistance, she subdues the Kaiju, but to her horror, discovers that the entirety of Shadow Basin is destroyed. With nowhere else to go, Hayley joins her brother to search for their parents.[3]

Return to Meridian City

Making its way to Sydney, Atlas nearly runs out of power, collapsing at the edge of Meridian City. Guilt-ridden over the destruction of Shadow Basin, Hayley isolates herself while Taylor decides to search for power cells, who convinces her to join him. While following him, she expresses frustration with his obvious lack of direction. Further explanation results in an encounter with Rippers, forcing them to a nearly-destroyed bridge. As the two cross, a Jaeger-like Kaiju kills the pursuing Rippers and forces the two to jump into the river.

Hayley manages to save Taylor from drowning, who smugly remarks on their presence near the Recruitment Center. Not knowing where the power cells are located, the two split up. Hayley finds a power cell in a lab, but also finds a mysterious boy located inside a liquid tank. As Taylor meets up with her, she convinces him to free the trapped boy, still affected by the events of Shadow Basin. As their futile attempts to break the tank attract the attention of the Rippers, she continues to try and break the tank while Taylor holds off the Rippers. She turns around only to find that the boy has mysteriously freed himself from the tank. She hands the boy to Taylor while she carries the power cell out of the Recruitment Center, with the Rippers following close behind. She calls out loud, hoping to attract the attention of the mysterious Kaiju hybrid from earlier. As the Rippers pounce, the hybrid arrives just in time to allow the three to escape. The three return to Atlas, but are disappointed to see that their power cell has been damaged. Reconciling with her brother, she continues to follow his lead.[2]


Sometime after, her brother wakes her, convincing her to follow people he saw outside of Meridian. She decides to supervise "Boy", as Loa is unable to. Following the unknown people to a Kaiju's nest, they are forced to hide as the riders battle the kaiju as a result of Boy giving away their location. When confronted by the scavengers, she and Taylor explain their situation, making sure to leave out mentions of Atlas. Following this, they are given a ride to the riders' settlement, Bogan.

Upon arrival, they are initially met with hospitality, receiving food and clothes for Boy. Upon witnessing a black market deal go south, they attempt to escape. When Taylor is caught by a rider, Hayley knocks him out from behind, setting off his gun (and a gunfight at the deal). Hayley and Boy hop into the back of the truck while Taylor unsuccessfully attempts to start it before they are caught by Rickter. Hayley and Boy are captured while their leader probes Taylor's mind for information on Atlas. As he leaves the interrogation room, she can only watch in horror as Taylor is left incapacitated in the Drift.[4]

Hayley continues to supervise Boy as they are transported back to Meridian. Seeing Taylor defeated as a result of losing Atlas, she convinces him to not lose hope, suggesting they can use Atlas to escape. She briefly loses track of Boy, only to discover him holding a dead snake. Fear turns to shock as she realizes that Boy killed said snake. After numerous failed attempts to Drift attract the attention of Copperhead, she attempts to convince Shane to drift with Taylor, being replaced with Shane's lieutenant Mei to prevent the siblings' escape. Following Atlas' battle with the Kaiju, she defends Taylor from Shane's wrath, causing him to threaten her and Boy as well. Fortunately, Mei steps in, convincing Shane to exile the three.[5]

Watching Bogan's jaeger expert Joel fumble with Atlas, she argues with Mei, who convinces them to leave. Following their exile, Hayley chastises Taylor for giving up before being caught by Rickter, intending to kill all three. She watches as Boy is shot point blank and Taylor attacks Rickter, before attacking him as well to defend her brother. Despite this, Rickter overpowers them before being knocked out by Boy, who to Hayley's surprise is unharmed. After Mei arrives and kills Rickter, Taylor leaves to repair Atlas while Hayley stays with Boy. As a result, they are captured by a rider looking for Rickter and returned to Bogan. Shane interrogates her on Taylor's plans, but she refuses to talk and is held until Taylor (solo Drifting) destroys Bogan and rescues her and Boy. As a result of Taylor's mental strain, she and Mei pilot Atlas away from Bogan. After stopping, she helps Taylor recuperate from his experience before watching Shane remotely kill Joel.[6]

The Boneyard

After witnessing Mei bury Joel, she pays her respects and sympathizes to Mei, to the latter's chagrin. She tries, but fails to convince Mei to stay with them. When Boy detects a faraway Breach, she briefly warns Boy of the Kaiju they produce before arguing with Taylor, causing her to lose track of Boy. Her worries are interrupted when another Breach opens beneath Atlas, threatening to swallow it whole. Focused on finding Boy, she and Taylor jump onto the sinking Jaeger and barely manage to climb out as the Breach closes.

Continuing their search for Boy, Atlas discovers a boneyard containing the remains of both Kaiju and Jaeger alike. One Jaeger's remains reveal that some of Herc Hansen's memories have imprinted onto Taylor's while another causes Loa to briefly relive a past event. Shock from both events is cut short as Loa detects Boy, standing dangerously close to another Breach. As Atlas moves towards him, an Acidquill breaches and engages the Jaeger, easily overpowering it. As the Kaiju prepares to destroy Atlas, it is caught and killed by the biomech seen in Meridian. As the biomech observes Boy, Hayley directs Atlas towards the biomech, but are easily defeated. As the biomech pounces on Atlas, it is stopped by Boy, now demonstrating superhuman strength. The biomech proceeds to Drift with Boy and the siblings, revealing the biomech's (now called Apex) status as a surviving and evolved Drone Jaeger. Apex then Drifts with Hayley, recognizing her as not a threat from Boy's memories and gifts Atlas with a Jaeger's right arm to replace Atlas' destroyed arm. The twins celebrate their new arsenal, pick up Boy and once again proceed toward Sydney.[7]

Clayton City

While Taylor practices with Atlas' new arm, Loa detects a Jaeger's signal originating from Clayton City, where they head off. Immediately upon arrival, they are fired upon by Mei, taking refuge in a café. After explaining their situation, Mei allows the siblings to stay, providing hospitality with hot chocolate and music before forcing them out, finally relenting to Hayley's sympathies. Further exploration reveals that the Jaeger is a destroyed Hunter Vertigo. Hayley is reluctant to investigate their parents' whereabouts, but Taylor explores first before she enters. They discover a message from their parents, outlining their escape from Hunter as well as an attempt to retrieve the survivors in Shadow Basin. As Hayley tearfully picks up a family photo left behind, Copperhead enters Clayton, attacking Atlas.

Copperhead flings a car at Hayley, knocking her out while Taylor leads the Kaiju away. She regains consciousness to find that Boy has transformed into a Kaiju and fights Copperhead before being pinned underneath rubble. As Atlas engages Copperhead, she refamiliarizes herself to Boy, expressing gratitude for its actions. Realizing Atlas needs help, she sets off towards Hunter, unlodging it's remaining nuke and contacting Taylor, who helps her activate Hunter's systems in order to fire it. As Atlas is knocked in front of Hunter, Hayley fires the last nuke, killing the Kaiju as it pounces. She returns to Boy as Taylor and Mei follow.[8] She tries to calm Boy down, as Taylor tries to convince her that Boy is dangerous. Boy recognizes Hayley and returns to human form as a result. As the siblings continue to argue over Boy's nature, they are interrupted by the sound of Rippers, causing Boy to disappear. Worried about him, Hayley sets off in pursuit, with Taylor close behind. Despite her horror at the Ripper carcasses left by Boy, she still insists Boy is docile. They finally find Boy, albeit unconscious and with a strange creature on his chest. Taylor carries Boy back to Mei, who identifies the creature as a Kaiju Tick and kills it. Upon hearing of the danger Boy is in, Hayley begins to sob, causing Mei to suggest a Kaiju lover exiled from Bogan who might be able to help. Uplifted, Hayley and Taylor agree to find him.

Never Never Valley

As Atlas approaches Never Never Valley, Loa expresses her suspicions towards Boy, which Hayley promptly rejects. Upon arriving at the Valley, the crew are shocked to see it full of Kaiju.[9] Taylor and Mei refuse to enter, much to Hayley's chagrin. Their argument is cut short as an Acidquill knocks them into the Valley. Despite their surprise attack, Atlas is able to kill the Kaiju, only to see the Valley's horde of Kaiju approaching. Suddenly, the Kaiju proceed to move towards and consume a pack of Rippers, allowing Atlas to move towards a man waving a torch across the Valley. Their astonishment at the man (identifying himself as Bunyip-man) increases as he shoos away a Kaiju he raised and named. Hayley stays by Boy's side as Bunyip Man infers the Kaiju Tick to be the work of the Sisters of the Kaiju, maniacal and homicidal Kaiju-worshippers. He offers to treat Boy with Kaiju Tick antivenom, which Hayley accepts. They head outside with Bunyip Man, who returns panicked after finding his stock of Rippers slaughtered, and can only watch as his Trespasser consumes him.

As Taylor carries Boy towards Atlas, Mei is nearly knocked off a rock arch, where Hayley saves her as the Trespasser smashes the arch. They begin to flee the Kaiju, but Hayley sees Boy and becomes worried, and is replaced with Mei. Loa guides them towards the Divide, utilizing their Saber Chain to maneuver past the Kaiju and into the Divide, where the Kaiju won't pursue. To their horror, they discover Jaeger remains, realizing that they have entered the Sisters' territory.[10]

The Divide

As they begin to cross, Atlas briefly sets off the Jaegers' functioning motion sensors, causing the Sisters to respond with an effigy demanding Boy. Realizing that the Sisters poisoned Boy so Atlas would bring him to them, Mei and Taylor consider trading Boy for their freedom, to Hayley's shock. They are again interrupted, this time by an unidentified breed of Kaiju, which passes them by, not without dropping off a Sister on Atlas' head. Even though Mei drives the Sister off, a bomb left by the Sister cripples Atlas' arms, leaving them trapped. Hayley attacks Mei when the latter continues to suggest giving up Boy, but is calmed down by Taylor, who repairs Atlas while the others sleep.

Upon waking up, Hayley notices Boy is missing, before realizing that Taylor has traded Boy away for passage. Sobbing, she hits Taylor as he convinces her of the merits of his deal, before two Hybird Kaiju bear down on Atlas. As she mourns the loss of Boy, Taylor and Mei pilot Atlas, managing to kill both Kaiju with difficulty. Three more Hybrids bear down on them, before stopping suddenly. As they proceed, Taylor is condemned for his deal when they detect Shane following them. As Mei accosts Shane for following them, he responds with a Sister as hostage; removing her hood reveals their mother, Brina.[11] As she fails to recognize them, Shane insists that Brina is gone mentally. Insisting that their mother's true self is still in her, they convince Shane to Drift with her. He attempts to bargain the Jaeger in exchange for saving Brina, but Mei convinces him to Drift for nothing in exchange.

Taylor and Hayley place a thrashing Brina inside Atlas, where Shane drifts and restores Brina's personality, at the cost of his own life. Upon exiting the Drift, Brina finally reunites with her children, where they learn of Shane's sacrifice. As Mei mourns Shane, Taylor asks Brina where their father, Ford is. To her dismay, she cannot remember, as a result of the Sisters' corruption.[12]

After comforting Brina when she stops resting, Hayley accosts Taylor for trading Boy, who continues to refute her. When Brina wants to leave the Sisters' territory, Hayley confronts her for leaving them in Shadow Basin. They are able to reconcile, and Brina agrees to save Boy. Hayley and Taylor follow, splitting up. Hayley stimbles upon a pool containing Kaiju Eels, before turning to see Brina (now under the control of the Sisters' leader, the High Priestess), holding Taylor at knifepoint. Brina stabs Taylor to convince Hayley to jump into the pool, who responds by holding Brina at gunpoint. The siblings' vocalizations manage to free Brina from the Priestess' control, where they follow Mei carrying Boy. Brina convinces them to go as she holds off the Sisters, only to see her limp out wounded after doing so. After being helped back into Atlas, Brina confirms Taylor's fear that the Sisters will send Kaiju, including Boy, after them.[13]

As Brina succumbs to her injuries, Hayley drifts with her, creating a memory where they made it to Sydney Base and reunited with Ford. When Brina passes, Hayley runs outside, sitting while Mei joins her in silence. Thanking Mei for her company, Hayley accepts her into their group. After burying their mother, Atlas sets off, before Boy succumbs to the Sisters' control and transforms into the Kaiju Messiah. Now hostile, the Kaiju attacks Atlas. Hayley hampers Mei and Taylor's efforts to fight, which results in them being pinned by the Messiah. As the Hybrid begins to attack, Apex (sensing Boy's distress) arrives, drifting with it to restore its memories. Beckoned by the Sisters' prayers, the Messiah resists and attacks Apex. As Atlas' systems are damaged, it must reboot, where it can only watch as the Messiah pummels the biomech. When Atlas finishes rebooting, they are able to hold the Messiah as a wounded Apex utilizes the last of its strength to finish restoring Boy's memories before collapsing. Realizing what it has done, the Kaiju's memory is restored, mourning Apex. As Atlas convinces the Kaiju to come with them, they notice the Sisters watching from afar, realizing more Kaiju will be sent after them. With Sydney Base less than a day away, Atlas and the former Messiah sprint towards Sydney.[14]

As Atlas' scouting systems are damaged, Mei drives ahead in Shane's scout tank, detecting Kaiju. Hours later, Atlas continues to sprint, pursued by 2 Eels when they disappear. Taking a break, Hayley reunites with Boy, hoping he will eventually return to human form, before being interrupted as the Eels burrow from the ground. Atlas kills one, while Boy kills the other, to Atlas' surprise. With the Sisters pursuing on Ripperback, Atlas continues its sprint towards Sydney base, discussing Boy's regained humanity. With an hour to go until Sydney Base, they are surprised to detect a Category VI Kaiju heading towards them.

Sydney Base

Exiting the Sisters' territory, Hayley contacts Sydney Base, identifying Boy as friendly. They are met with a missile barrage, which knocks out Boy as the Category VI attacks. As Taylor confirms their identify to Sydney Base, Atlas attempts to fight, but is crippled by the Kaiju. Unable to move, Loa ejects the pilots, bidding them farewell before Atlas Destroyer self-destructs, killing the Kaiju with it. As they mourn Loa over Atlas' remains, Boy (returned to human form) and Mei reunite with them as PPDC craft land and take them to Sydney Base. After Taylor introduces them to Marshal Rask, Hayley inquires where their father is, before Ford arrives, finally reuniting with his children.

At Brina's memorial, Hayley places the family photo by Brina's name. As Boy joins her, she learns of his original nature from Rask, as she remarks that Boy has changed from his experiences in the Black, as have her, Mei and Taylor.[15]


  • Before Taylor's arrival, Hayley was more childlike in her exploration of Atlas, dismissing various training programs as boring.
  • According to Shane, Hayley is 14 years old.[4]
  • Hayley's need to care for Boy stems from her belief that she caused the destruction of Shadow Basin. Taylor even calls her out for this when trying to free Boy.[2]


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