Headhunter Profile

Headhunter as it appears in Pacific Rim: Amara #5.

Headhunter is a Rogue Jaeger piloted by a civilian named Riya Khatri.[1]


Pacific Rim: Amara

During an illegal Jaeger race set up by Ada, Riya pilots Headhunter against Scuttler, Sting Blades, and Amara Namani. During the early tenure of the race, Headhunter attempts to pass through a low tunnel and the tail of the Jaeger catches on the top frame of the bridge, and snaps off. The crash into the bridge’s top frame triggers a cave in that blocks Riya’s progression, who is disqualified from the race.[1]

Despite Headhunter’s disqualification, Riya continues to participate in the race at a later time against Scuttler and Sting Blades, the tail on the back of Headhunter restored and repaired. Headhunter’s progression is once again halted, this time by the appearance of Amara piloting the stolen mech, Scrapper.[1]

Headhunter is hit with a scrambler pulse from Sting Blades, crashing into a nearby wall. Later, another race is initiated, and a damaged Headhunter is forced to participate.[1]


Headhunter was built out of the salvaged head of the Mark-1 Jaeger Romeo Blue. Headhunter is built like a small tank, powered by two large treads on either side of its frame. Like most Rogue Jaegers, it is piloted by one person using a “single neural load”. Its top speed is seventy four miles per-hour.[1]


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