Hikai Profile
Biographical Information
Name Hikai
Cause of Death
Citizenship Japanese[1]
Physical Description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career Information
Occupation Head of the Tokyo Shatterdome[1]
Rank PPDC Marshal[1]
Ranger No.
Strike Group Tokyo Shatterdome[1]
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps[1]
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift
Appeared In (non-canon)
Voice Actor(s)

Hikai is the Marshal of the Tokyo Shatterdome. He oversaw the battle against the Category II Kaiju, Ragnarok, in 2016.


Tokyo Bay Attack

Following the emergence of Ragnarok in Tokyo Bay, Hikai ordered Pilots Kagiso and Itu out in Victory Alpha to defend the city from the approaching Kaiju. Stacker Pentecost returns to the Shatterdome from the Tokyo Medical Center, and apologizes for his tardiness. Hikai dismisses the subject and relays to Pentecost that the Kaiju their up against is a Category II.[1]

As Victory Alpha’s battle against Ragnarok takes a turn for the worse, Hikai is confronted by the arrival of Kaori and Duc Jessop, who were injured in a prior battle in the Tokyo Bay two weeks ago in Tacit Ronin. Hikai and Pentecost reject their voluntary decision to backup Victory Alpha, Hikai reassuring them that the situation is under control.[1]

Hikai’s confidence is deflated when Ragnarok grows a third pair of arms and begins a relentless attack against Victory Alpha that forces its pilots, Itu and Kagiso, to eject before the Jaeger is destroyed. Hikai assumes they’ve died, but is immediately reassured that they escaped moments after the Jaeger’s destruction. Without immediate defense for the city, Hikai reluctantly obliges their wishes to fight, and orders them out in Tacit Ronin.[1]

Pentecost objects to his decision, calling it “suicide”. Hikai rebukes Pentecost, reminding him that part leadership is allowing soldier fights, no matter their cost to their lives, and Jessop’s willing to sacrifice themselves was a show of bravery. Hikai and Pentecost continue to watch the battle against Ragnarok from LOCCENT Mission Control.[1]

At some point, Hikai and Pentecost realize that Kaori and Duc’s Neural Handshake has been broken, and they’ve been disconnected from the Drift. Moments before Kaori and Duc kill Ragnarok, Pentecost questions how they’re still able to fight without the connection, Hikai replies that they’re “destined to be together”.[1]


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