Hong Kong is a city in China and the location of at least ten major Kaiju attacks.[2][1][3]



In 2015, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps constructed a Shatterdome in the city, where the Jaegers Horizon Brave, Shaolin Rogue and Crimson Typhoon were stationed to defend against Kaiju attacks.


In 2016, the Kaiju Reckoner attacked the city. In the wake of its death, it contaminated the environment around it.[2] Nine years later, Reckoner's bones are now the location of a shantytown that harbors black market dealers and Kaiju cults that created a temple within the bones of the Reckoner's body.[2]

Like most countries on the Pacific Rim, China worked with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps to become better prepared for Kaiju attacks. Anti-Kaiju shelters were set up beneath the streets of Hong Kong in conjunction with the Kaiju Alert System that warned civilians of incoming danger when a Kaiju was detected emerging from the Breach. Hong Kong's most prominent defenders are the Wei triplets, Cheung, Hu and Jin Wei of Shanghai, China.[2]


Hong Kong Incident

In 2025, Leatherback and Otachi emerged from the Breach with the intention of hunting Newton Geiszler, who had connected with the Kaiju when he drifted with a Kaiju brain in the K-Science Lab. Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, and Striker Eureka were immediately mobilized to stop the Kaiju. However, the two Kajiu destroyed Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha. Striker Eureka almost succeeded in killing Otachi with its Anti-Kajiu Missiles but was disabled by Leatherback's EMP blast moments before firing.[1]

Gipsy Danger arrived before the Kajiu could destroy Striker. After a long fight, Gipsy killed Leatherback with its I-19 Plasmacaster. Pursuing the remaining Kaiju into the city, the Jaeger engaged it in a prolonged battle, which ultimately ended with Otachi carrying them both into the upper atmosphere before being killed by one of Gipsy's Chain Swords.[1]

Afterwards, Otachi's offspring was born and went on a rampage. It died with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, but not before devouring Hannibal Chau.[1]



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