Horizon Brave is a "Series Six" Pacific Rim action figure developed by NECA. The figure made its debut at the 2014 Comic-Con International with Series Four and Deluxe Series Pacific Rim figures. Horizon Brave is one of two figures released in April 2015.[1][2] This wave also includes Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger.[1][2]

Official Description

"...The fan-requested Horizon Brave is a Mark-1 Chinese Jaeger and one of the first Jaegers ever constructed. Highlights of its battles appear in newsreels during the prologue to Pacific Rim. Horizon Brave features a spring-loaded missile launching mechanism."
—Official Release[1]


This figure features a ball jointed head, shoulders, waist and feet with hinged elbows and knees. Swivels are present on the wrists, biceps and thighs.[3] Its most unique feature is the pair of spring-loaded projectiles mounted above its shoulders, the entire mechanism is also a removable piece.[4]


Comic-Con 2014

Toy Fair 2015