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This article is about the Mark-4 Jaeger from The Black. You may be looking for the Mark-1 Jaeger Horizon Brave.

"Out of all those torn-up Jaegers we saw, you melted down at the sight of Horizon Bravo."
—Taylor Travis[1]

Horizon Bravo is a Mark-4 Jaeger.


Pacific Rim: The Black

Uprising War

Horizon Bravo was among the Jaegers who participated in the Uprising War. At some point during a battle that included Valor Omega, November Ajax, and Titan Redeemer, Horizon Bravo was destroyed.[3]

The Boneyard

During Atlas Destroyer's search for Kaiju Boy, Taylor and Hayley Travis stumble across a graveyard full of dead Kaiju and fallen Jaeger. Atlas Destroyer's A.I., Loa, goes through the process of identifying each Kaiju and Jaeger as participants of the Uprising War.[3]

As Loa begins scan the remains of Horizon Bravo, she appears to malfunction. She begins to describe what may have been Horizon Bravo's last moments during battle. It sustained multiple hits, both pilots are incapacitated, and their neural link is broken.[note 1]

When Loa recovers, the A.I. passes the incident off as an accidental slip into her archived files.[3] During a training session with Atlas Destroyer, Taylor tries to ascertain why scanning Horizon Bravo made Loa react the way she did. Loa evades the question and claims the incident was an accident.[1]


  1. Loa: “Jaeger identified. Mark-4. Horizon --- Horizon --- Alert! Multiple impacts. Left pilot injured. Right pilot non-responsive. Neural link broken.”