The "Horned Kaiju" is a Kaiju of an undetermined Category that emerged from the Breach in 2035.[1]


The Horned-Kaiju has grey, textured skin, and six eyes - three each on the side of its head. The Kaiju has two arms and a lobster-like lower body. Its head is crowned with two horns.[1]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

The Horned Kaiju emerges from the Breach created by the six Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrids engineered from Liwen Shao's Drone Jaegers.[1] During its emergence, the operating systems of the hybrids are shut down, disabling their power cores. The Horned-Kaiju is cut in half, its remains are left floating on the surface of the water. While it's exact size is hard to judge, it was an unusually large kaiju, towering over the Drone Jaegers and surpassing even Category V kaiju in size.[1]


  • The Horned-Kaiju is the first Kaiju killed by the collapse of a Breach.
  • The Horned-Kaiju is never referenced or given a name in the film.
  • DeKnight calls Horned Kaiju "Crabcakes" and "Surf & Turf".
  • The lower half of the Horned Kaiju's body looks like a lobster.[2]


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