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Hunter Vertigo is a Jaeger of unknown Mark classification.


Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

Hunter Vertigo and Marauder travel to Meridian City in order to combat the Kaiju impeding civilian evacuation. While there, Hunter Vertigo engages Bone Spur when it attacks a Pan Pacific Defense Corps transport carrying Brina and Ford Travis's children, Taylor and Hayley. Utilizing its Cryo Cannons to incapacitate the Kaiju, Hunter Vertigo shatters its frozen body with the barb that pierced its armor.[2]

After the Travis's lose contact with PPDC officer Shiro Ito, falling satellites in the sky signal the execution of Operation Blackout. Hunter Vertigo proceeds to grab and carry the transport bus, its retreat covered by Marauder, who is destroyed in a fight with the Category III Kaiju, Acidquill.

Making it out of Meridian City, Hunter Vertigo deposits the bus at ruined area where Shadow Basin is located. A moment later, it's attacked by another Acidquill. Acidquill disables one of Hunter Vertigo's Cryo Cannons, the Travis's use the damaged cannon like a club against the Kaiju.

Acidquill knocks a nuclear missile intended to kill it towards the group of civilians Hunter Vertigo is protecting. The pilots grab it just before it strikes the civilians, and shoves it down the Kaiju's throat before it detonates. The explosion kills Acidquill, and destroys Hunter Vertigo's arm. After the fight, Brina and Ford leave their children and the survivors to get help.[2]

Clayton City

Hunter Vertigo is eventually abandoned in Clayton City after encountering a Kaiju that overpowered it. Spent of all its arsenal except for the one last nuclear missile that became stuck in the barrel, Brina and Ford abandon the unit, but not before recording a video message for Marshal Rask demanding backup to rescue their children and the rest of the survivors at Shadow Basin.[1]

Brina and Ford are presumably able continue their journey to Sydney for help, never returning for Hunter Vertigo. Five years later, Taylor and Hayley discover the abandoned Jaeger. During the fight with Copperhead, Hayley manages to unjam the nuclear missile and manually launches it. The missile hits the wound in Copperhead's exposed chest, killing it upon detonation.[1]


Like Horizon Brave, Hunter Vertigo is armed with two shoulder mounted Cryo Cannons, that can freeze Kaiju to the point of shattering their bodies. In addition, Hunter Vertigo is seemingly powered by two nuclear turbines identical to the ones used by Gipsy Avenger. Although Jaegers were designed in order to avoid the widespread use of nuclear weapons against the Kaiju, Hunter Vertigo is armed with several nuclear missiles.

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Hunter Vertigo, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Bone Spur ??? Meridian City Solo
Acidquill ??? Shadow Basin Solo
Copperhead ??? Clayton City Atlas Destroyer

Known Inconsistencies


  • Hunter Vertigo and Atlas Destroyer was designed by concept artist Jūki Izumo.


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