"I have a musk! What you smell is musk!"

Ilya is a cadet in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He is the co-pilot of Guardian Bravo.


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ilya is preoccupied with playing a game of cards with Tahima Shaheen who offers raise him “for two showered chits”. As Ilya considers the offer, Ou-Yang Jinhai tells him to fold on the implication that he does not shower enough. Offended, Ilya tells Jinhai that he has a distinct “musk” that they all smell.[3]

Ilya is partnered with Suresh Khuran and deployed in Guardian Bravo to combat the Kaiju, Shrikethorn, Hakuja, and Raijin in MegaTokyo. Ilya and Suresh aid Ryoichi Hatayama and Renata against Hakuja. Using Guardian Bravo's Elec-16 Arc Whip, they pull Hakuja away from Saber Athena and throw the Kaiju toward a cluster of buildings.[3]

When the Mega-Kaiju is created, Ilya and Suresh charge the newly combined species, believing they have the circumstances under control. They attempt to attack the Mega-Kaiju with the whip, but the Mega-Kaiju grabs the weapon, and throws Guardian Bravo aside into several buildings. The result of the collision injures Ilya, but kills Suresh, leaving Ilya unable to participate further in the fight. The other cadets help Ilya out of the Conn-Pod, and move to place of safety where they observe the fight against the Mega-Kaiju and Gipsy Avenger.[3]


  • Ilya is one of two characters whose name was revealed with the announcement of his actor. The other is Ryoichi Hatayama.
  • Ilya is described as "an irreverent and offbeat cadet".[1][2]


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