Insurrector is a Kaiju of an undetermined category. It attacks the city of Santa Monica in 2024.[1]


Insurrector is a Kaiju with cracked gray skin and four eyes on the left and right sides of its face. The bioluminescent glow visible in most Kaiju emits from its mouth and the cracks of its skin. On its back are multiple spiked protrusions, and on its head two horns nearest to the rear of its head.

Its snout is flat, broad and jagged. Similar to Knifehead, Scunner and Trespasser, Insurrector's limbs appear to be fused together, creating a space in the center of the lower half of the arm, and has three digits one each of its hands. Very few of its teeth on either the bottom or top row of its jaw are visible when it opens its mouth.


Insurrector emerges from the Breach on July 5, 2024 and attacks the Santa Monica pier. Among the causalities of its attack is the family of a five year old, Amara Namani, who is separated from them when Insurrector smashes the pier in half, collapsing the structure.[1]

Insurrector's attempts to move beyond the Santa Monica beach are initially thwarted by the Mark-5 and Mark-4 Jaegers, Striker Eureka and Hydra Corinthian. Their battle moves from the shores of the water onto the beach and toward the city. Half way into the city, Insurrector is presumably killed by a missile volley from Striker Eureka.[1]

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