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"Into the Black" is the second episode of Pacific Rim: The Black, and the second episode in the series overall. It debuted on Netflix March 4, 2021.


The Travis siblings must return to Meridian where the catastrophe first began for their family. Taylor must re-establish a brotherly relationship with Hayley before the tension between them drags them to the depths of the Black.


Due to their neural handshake, Taylor and Hayley both suffer from the same vivid dream in the drift. Hayley fears her parents will never return and Taylor has to help them out of it. They wake up inside their Jaeger and Hayley believes she murdered everyone close to them and that her brother hates her for it. In order to recharge the Jaeger, they must return to Meridian and find power cells in the PPDC Recruitment Center there.

Taylor finds Hayley outside and informs her about their mission. They make their way into the city where Taylor tries to shift the blame for everyone's death onto themselves inside of Hayley. He doesn't quite know how to be brotherly and this tactic fails. Suddenly, they're attacked by a small Kaiju and chased all throughout the abandoned industrial area. Eventually, they encounter the silhouette of a normal gigantic size Kaiju, and they're both forced to jump deep down into a body of water to escape.

Taylor recalls the day he took his pilot certification and talking to his parents about their Jaeger. They were busy rangers, so it was easy for Taylor and Hayley to bond. He wakes up to Hayley after they both wash ashore, where they happen to arrive in front of the PPDC Recruitment Center. They head four levels down in search of the power cells and end up finding a young boy trapped in a tube full of lab fluid.

The small hound-like Kaiju follows them underground and attacks while Hayley attempts to free the boy. They eventually break him out and flee with the power cells. The Kaiju chases them outside and nearly kills Hayley, but the silhouette of the giant Kaiju turns out to be that of a mysterious Jaeger. They make it back to Atlas Destroyer and discuss this. Taylor believes somehow that the being might be both Kaiju and Jaeger.

Taylor thanks Hayley for everything that's happened and says he wouldn't have made it without her. She returns the favor by replying that she couldn't have made it these last five years without him.


Voice Character
Gideon Adlon Hayley Travis
Calum Worthy Taylor Travis
Erica Lindbeck Loa
Allie MacDonald Brina Travis
Jason Spisak Ford Travis
Camryn Jones Young Hayley
Cole Keriazakos Young Taylor