Itak is a Kaiju that attacks Tokyo, Japan in 2016.[1][2]


Itak is a Kaiju with six arms, four of which are appendages with curved blades, and three eyes on each side of its face. Its body is broad at the top and narrow at the bottom. Itak emits a bioluminescent glow that is visible from its mouth, through the muscles of its neck, down inside the cavity within its chest. Its upper body is little more than a skeletal frame and its skin is black. Atop its head is a single narrow horn that is spear-like and curves upward.


Itak emerges from the Breach July 21, 2016. It circles the Tokyo Bay when Tacit Ronin, piloted by Kaori and Duc Jessop, arrives from the Tokyo Shatterdome. When Tacit Ronin lands in the bay, Itak attacks Tacit Ronin from the front and manages to damage its nuclear reactor and damages the shielding protecting the pilots inside the Conn-Pod.[1]

While they are able to fend Itak off for a moment, the Kaiju rams Tacit Ronin, rendering the pilots unconscious in the process. Itak hesitates to attack, giving Tacit Ronin the chance to recover, and attack. Tacit Ronin slices through Itak's chest, forcing it backward until Itak is able to grab its right arm and further damages the Jaeger's frontal armor. Itak uses its claws to tear the armor apart.[1]

Itak tries to drown the Jaeger, forcing underwater as it gains the upper hand. Tacit Ronin breaks away and stabs Itak in the chest again and drives the blade of their right arm upward, splitting the Kaiju's chest open. When Itak prepares to retaliate, it's knocked off balance by the appearance of Coyote Tango.[2] Coyote Tango fights Itak and is eventually overpowered by the Kaiju, who tosses the Jaeger over its head. Tacit Ronin charges Itak and slashes it across the top of its upper body with enough strength to split it in half.[2]

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