J-Tech[1][2] (or Jaeger-Tech) is an occupation given to officers in charge of the maintenance of the Jaeger systems and robotics.


J-Tech officers are responsible for programming logistics involved in Jaeger weaponry and combat, as well as the creation and maintenance of Conn-Pods and the Shatterdome HUD.[2]

J-Tech Occupations

  • Weapons Specialist - Weapons specialists are responsible for the design of offensive power in Jaeger weapons and additional weaponry. Swords, plasma cannons, and missiles are a few of the weapons they can create.[2]
  • Jaeger Engineer - Engineers are responsible for designing the look of the Jaegers, as well as maintenance and support. Engineers are likely to be found making repairs on the body of a Jaeger and researching a new design to give them an edge in combat.[2]
  • Neural Bridge Operator - Given the delicate process of the Drift, NBOs are required to aid Rangers in maintaining the stability of the Drift connection.[2]
  • Battle Programmer - Battle programmers are responsible for programming the Jaegers and maintaining their battle-ready status, with smarter and easier interfaces for Rangers to operate with.[2]

Notable Members


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