The following is a list of known discrepancies connected to the Jaegers within the Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising film and external canon.

Known Inconsistencies

Pacific Rim

  • In the novelization of Pacific Rim, there is a Mark-1 Jaeger named "Tango Tasmania".[1] However, when asked, screenwriter, Travis Beacham, stated that the Jaeger's name was not correct because the naming lexicon for Jaegers was designed to prevent repeating components in any Jaeger names.[2][note 1]
  • According to defunct Pan Pacific Defense Corps. website, the Jaeger deployment graph states that five Mark-1 Jaegers were launched in 2015 instead of six.[3] This is likely a result of Cherno Alpha's status being corrected from Mark-4 to Mark-1 by Travis Beacham.
  • The addition of Tango Tasmania, the non-canon Jaeger from the novelization, would increase the number of Mark-1s to seven.[1]
  • According to Travis Beacham, the writers created twenty one named Jaegers.[4] In Pacific Rim, Stacker Pentecost cites the Hong Kong Shatterdome could launch thirty Jaegers.[note 2] Travis Beacham clarified that the Hong Kong Shatterdome was not home to thirty Jaegers and more than twenty one Jaegers were built.[note 3]

Pacific Rim: Uprising


  1. redroomspecial: "Can you tell us anything about Tango Tasmania?"
    Travis Beacham: "I can tell you its name wasn’t Tango Tasmania. No name element repeats between any two Jaegers, and Tango is already in Coyote Tango."
  2. Stacker Pentecost: "This complex used to launch 30 Jaegers in five bays just like this one."
  3. Travis Beacham: "More than 21 were built. But it’s also word mentioning that Pentecost didn’t mean thirty Jaegers were stationed there. Hong Kong is the largest Shatterdome and a central maintenance facility. It *could* launch thirty Jaegers. It wasn’t home to thirty Jaegers."
  4. Stacker Pentecost: “Herc and his son, Chuck, will be running point using Striker Eureka. Faster Jaeger in the world. First and last of the Mark-5s. Australia decommissioned it a day before the Sydney attack.”


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