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This article is about the combat simulator in Pacific Rim. You may be looking for the browser game by Qualcomm.

Pilots-in-training in the Combat Simulator.

Raleigh: "What's your simulator score?"
Mako: "Fifty-one drops, fifty-one kills"
—Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori[1]

The Jaeger Combat Simulator is a simulated training area used to teach officers-in-training how to pilot a Jaeger in the Jaeger Academy.

Training Process

The Jaeger Combat Simulator allows Cadets, either in teams or individually, to fight against simulated Kaiju using simulated Jaegers. A literal replication of actual combat, the Drift is utilized, and it is possible for memories to cause conflicts between the pilots.[2]

At the end of a battle, the simulator calculates the pilots' score through factors such as time taken, collateral damage inflicted, and Kaiju Blue containment. The Jaeger Combat Simulator may also be used as the proving grounds for the two crucial stages of testing required to become a Jaeger pilot in the Academy; Pons and Drivesuit testing.


Tales From Year Zero

During their tenure in the Jaeger Academy, Raleigh and Yancy Becket pilot a simulated Jaeger resembling Gipsy Danger to defeat the simulated Kaiju, Verocitor, using their Microwave Bombarder.[2]

Later, in a simulated battle against the simulated Kaiju Belobog, a memory of Yancy having intimate relations with Naomi Sokolov causes them to become distracted, allowing Belobog to defeat them by penetrating their Conn-Pod with its tongue.[2]

Pacific Rim

When Mako Mori informed Raleigh of her desire to be a pilot, he asked her what her simulator score is. She responded her score was, "fifty-one drops, fifty-one kills". Raleigh is impressed, but surprised that she was not one of his co-pilot candidates despite having such a high score.[1]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

During the film cadets were shown training using the jaeger combat simulator. Cadets Amara Namani and Suresh faced off against a virtual Kaiju Onibaba in the Mark 6 jaeger Titan Redeemer. The two cadets failed and were unsuccessful in killing the Kaiju.


Tales From Year Zero