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"Nah. The things in your head? The Precursors? Tell them we're not afraid. Tell them next time, they won't need to worry about coming for us. Because we're gonna come for them."
—Jake Pentecost

Jacob "Jake" Pentecost[4] is the son of Stacker Pentecost and the brother of Mako Mori. A former cadet in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, he rejoins the organization in 2035 to avoid prison time. He is co-pilot of Gipsy Avenger.


Early Life

Jake Pentecost is the son of Stacker Pentecost, and a woman considered to be Stacker's "first love."[5][note 4] Jake is raised in a stable home environment on account of his mother, and had many friends to play with as well.[1]

Stacker's relationship with Jake is an estranged one. On account of his responsibilities to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (as a Ranger), Stacker is rarely home to be with his son. Jake quickly became tired of his friends idolization of his father. He later resents the image of Coyote Tango, the Jaeger his friends also favored.[1]

Onibaba Attack

When the Category II Kaiju Onibaba attacks Tokyo, Jake celebrates his seventh birthday with his mother and friends. Jake makes a wish for his father be there for his birthday, but when he doesn't arrive, Jake becomes despondent and refuses to play with his friends.[1]

He tells his mother that he never wanted a birthday party to begin with. Some time after his outburst, Jake finds a present and unwraps it only to find an action figure of his father and Coyote Tango. Angry, he tosses the action figure aside.[1]

Growing up with Mako

Mako's arrival into the Pentecost family creates a larger schism between Stacker and Jake. At seven years old, Stacker expects Jakes to "look after" a thirteen year old Mako as he adjusts to living with her adoptive father, but wanted them to be friends. He calls Jake "spoiled" because he still has everything, unlike Mako, who lost her entire family in Onibaba attack.[1]

Jake competes against Mako in everything they do together, driven to beat her in order to gain his father's approval. However, instead of the encouragement Mako receives, Jake is admonished for falling short of Mako's perceived excellence.[1]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps

At eighteen years old, Mako joins the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in 2021[2], Jake follows suit at the age of twelve.[1] However, because Stacker places all of his "hope and attention" on Mako and not him, Jake and Stacker's relationship continues to fall apart. Mako is closely tutored by Stacker, while Jake is berated by Kwoon tutors. Despite earning high scores on his tests and earning top marks in his class, he's chastised for not reaching Mako's level.[1] Though Jake eventually comes to love Mako, he falls out of touch with Stacker.[5]

During Jake's time in the academy, he meets Nathan Lambert, another aspiring Jaeger pilot. The two become friends and eventually co-pilots. Burdened with the expectations to honor his father's legacy, Jake chooses to disregard his personal safety to gain his father's approval. After getting into argument with Nate about his ability to pilot a Jaeger without him, Jake attempts to pilot a Mark-4 Jaeger on his own and collapses under the strain of the neural load after two steps.[3][note 5] When he regains consciousness, Stacker strips him of his cadet status and kicks him out of the PPDC. Jake leaves and cuts all ties with his friends and family.[5][6] In 2025, Jake learns of his father's death during the Battle of the Breach.[3]

Joining the Criminal Underworld

Following his disbandment from the PPDC, Jake turns to a life of crime. He relocates to Santa Monica, operating as a Black Market dealer, Jake trades with various other deals for a verity of goods, primarily foodstuffs. Occasionally, Jake makes a profit off of the parts of the original Jaegers (dumped in the Santa Monica Jaeger Scrapyard) that remain in destroyed areas of the Pacific Rim where the poor attempt to eke out a living.

Among his poorer decisions, Jake double crosses other dealers named Barada, whom he betrayed in Juarez, Hannibal Chau in Hong Kong, and later Sonny, his associate in Santa Monica.

Pacific Rim: Aftermath

March 3, 2034, Jake learns from Sonny that Giovanni Capello has left his his mansion to attend to business out of town. Jake, knowing that Giovanni collects Jaeger parts and was in procession of the Drift Core belonging to Striker Eureka, sneaks into the mansion. He manages to bypass most of its security to reach the vault where Giovanni kept the Jaeger parts and retrieved the Drift Core.[7]

Rigging a helmet to the Drift Core, Jake imitates a "solo drift" in the hopes of glimpsing his fathers memories recorded in the Drift Core.[8] Jake experiences his birthday and his father's battle with Onibaba, and his relationship with Mako following her adoption into the Pentecost family.[1] He inadvertently glimpses memories of Chuck and Herc Hansen as he gradually becomes lost in the Drift, and approaches memories of his father's death in Striker Eureka.[9]

Pacific Rim Uprising: Ascension

In Jake's absence, Mako and Nate continue to search for his whereabouts. When discussing his whereabouts with Secretary-General Mako Mori, Nate, disappointed, points out that Jake's name constantly pops up in criminal circles. Nate refrains from speaking ill of Jake, knowing that Mako recognizes him as her brother still.[10]

Though Mako believes he still considers Jake his brother, Nate makes it plain that he doesn't and that it would best to forget Jake altogether.[10] Following the death of Jan Sokk, and the arrest of Ysabel Morales, who sabotaged the Chronos Berserker, Mako decides to proactively begin searching for her brother in the hopes of bringing him back to the PPDC.[11]

Pacific Rim Uprising

Meeting Amara

Jake observes Amara's wall of newspapers in her "command center".

Jake is asked by Sonny to obtain a plasma capacitor from a decommissioned Jaeger, Romeo Blue[12], from the Santa Monica Scrapyard. Sonny and his men accompany Jake into the scrapyard where he leads him into the Conn-Pod. Inside, Sonny warns Jake not to double-cross him, as his recent string of betrayals have put him on thin ice.

Jake uses a tracking device to pinpoint the location of the plasma capacitor. He realizes that the capacitor is moving and no longer inside the Conn-Pod. Sonny wrongly assumes that Jake has decided to betray him anyway. Jake tries to explain that he can still get them the capacitor, but is forced to flee when they begin shooting at him. Jake is pursued through Romeo Blue, evading certain capture. He runs toward a sealed hatch and appears to be trapped. Sonny and men converge on Jake and prepare him to kill him when they step onto a hatch Jake is already aware of. Using his foot, he steps on the mechanism that opens the hatch and traps them down below.

With Sonny out of the way, Jake continues to pursue the moving target with his tracking device until he reaches an exit. Thief escapes with the capacitor as the police arrive, preventing Jake from following immediately.

Jake follows Amara Namani to a warehouse and enters through the window while she is distracted. Observing the wall of her room, Jake recognizes PPDC propaganda and newspaper articles chronicling the Kaiju Wars. Hearing a nearby machine power up, Jake follows several power cords that lead him to the hangar where a Rogue Jaeger resided.

Feigning ignorance, Jake allows Anara to get close enough to attack him and evades her. He disarms her in seconds and mockingly asks if she built her “toy” herself. Amara replies that Scrapper is not for sale. He ignores her aggression and tells her simply that he plans on selling the Jaeger on the black market when they overhear police sirens.

Amara leaves him behind and activates the Jaeger, Jake follows after her. He searches the cockpit for a co-pilot mechanism, but Amara tells him that she built Scrapper small enough to sustain a single neural load. Frustrated, Jake demands that she allow him to pilot, but she ignores him and puts the Rogue Jaeger in motion.

Unable to do anything except hold on, Jake says he has a better way out the situation. Amara rebuffs him with a reminder that she got them out of the warehouse without trouble and continues to pilot the Jaeger. When their path is blocked by November Ajax, Jake believes believing she’s giving in to arrest too easily.

She fires off two smoke grenades in a move to mask her movements, but they’re caught by November Ajax again. Scrapper burrows into an abandoned building, Jake orders Amara to climb to the top of November Ajax’s shoulders. She follows his orders and Jake ejects an ion battery out of the Rogue Jaeger, causing a short circuit in November Ajax’s systems. Scrapper gets them as far as the beach before it loses too much power to function, and is summarily disabled by November Ajax.

Conscription into the PPDC

Once arrested, Jake and Amara are thrown into a single holding cell where Jake tries to blame their circumstances on Amara, who reminds him that they were caught because he led the police to her warehouse. Curious, Jake asks her why she built Scrapper; Amara replies she believes the Kaiju would return and didn’t want to be caught waiting for someone to save her. She built the Jaeger for her protection.

Jake is escorted out of the holding cell into an interrogation room where he comes face to face with Secretary General Mako Mori. Jake tries to convince his sister to help him get out of the prison, but Mako reminds him that he has prior offenses and that the police wouldn’t let him off easily. Shifting gears, Jake asks for Mako’s help, and Mako gives him one choice: Reenlist in the Jaeger program to train cadets. Jake objects, expressing disinterest in training children. Mako tells her brother she wants him to rejoin as a Ranger. Mako makes the decision for him and tells him a carrier is on the way to pick him and Amara up from jail.

Jake and Amara are taken to the Moyulan Shatterdome where the two are met by Nate, to the disappointment of Jake. When Jake casually refers to Nate by first name, Nate tells him to call him “Ranger Lambert” out of respect for his rank in the military and mockingly calls him “Ranger Pentecost” in accordance to military decorum.

During Nate’s speech, Jake and Amara meet Jules Reyes, a J-Tech officer with some knowledge on Jake’s background. When she asks why he returned to the PPDC, Jake flirts with Jules and offers to “explain” his circumstances before Nate interjects and tells him she’ll be busy.

Nate leads Jake and Amara to the cadet living quarters where he introduces Jake as the cadet’s new instructor, replacing Joseph Burke, who departed from the PPDC for the private sector. When Nate asks if Jake has anything to say to the cadets, Jake declines. Leaving the cadet quarters, Jake is sent to his own personal room where his previous uniform remained hung up.

Training the Cadets

Jake refuses to cooperate with Nate during the training period with the cadets. When Amara fails to successfully Drift with Suresh Khuran, Jake tries to defend her from Nate's harsh criticisms, knowing that his former partner is treating her unfairly because of him. Nate insists that Amara needs a harsh education in order to form better bonds with the other cadets but Jake remains dismissive of him in front of the class.

Later that night the two have a heart-to-heart. Nate assumes Jake has simply returned to prove his father wrong, and Jake continues to deflect, refusing to take the conversation seriously. Nate tries again to get Jake to work with him in the hopes of remaining unified in front of the cadets, and is again rebuffed.

Following the meeting with Shao Industries leader Liwen Shao, Mako and Jake discuss the PPDC's potential adoption of the Drone Jaegers. Mako, uncertain of the security of the tech, laments making a choice with half the council in favor of Shao's program. In a show of support, Jake offers to accompany Mako to Sydney. A relieved Mako tells him he'll be piloting Gipsy Avenger with Nate as part of the PPDC Council's honor guard. Jake agrees, if only for the opportunity to make Nate uncomfortable.

Jake places an old family photo of himself, Mako and Stacker on Mako's memorial in the Hall of Heroes.

The Death of Mako

During the the council summit, Jake and Nate observe pro and anti Kaiju protestors gathered, when Quan Chenglei alerts them to an approaching signature from a Rogue Jaeger. Obsidian Fury emerges from the sea, and begins to jam their communications. Jake and Nate engage the Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid, fighting to keep the hybrid away from the Council Summit building. During the battle Mako's helicopter arrives and is hit by the hybrid's missiles.

Jake and Nate, struggling to protect the civilians beneath from falling debris, and fight Obsidian Fury, fail to move fast enough to help. Mako's helicopter crashes, and Jake leaves the Conn-Pod in the vain hope of rescuing his sister from the wreckage. Shortly after Mako's death, Jake goes to visit her memorial in the Hall of Heroes.

Catching up with Amara, Jake finds her struggling to Drift with the Simulation Pod's donated brain, Sarah. Jake decides to test their compatibility in order to help Amara focus. They fall out of alignment when Amara begins to chase the memories of Insurrector's attack, and the death of her parents. Jake only narrowly manages to get her to come to and ends their Drift.

Hermann Gottlieb is able to decipher the fragmented message sent by Mako before death as Shao's Drone Program is approved and set in motion. Jake and Nate travel to Severnaya Zemlya in Siberia to investigate an abandoned Jaeger Production Facility, Obsidian Fury's point of origin. Jake and Nate arrive as Obsidian Fury destroys the production facility and turns it attentions to Gipsy Avenger. Fighting the hybrid across the frozen landscape, Jake and Nate eventually overpower Obsidian Fury. Tearing its out its power core, inadvertently discovering a secondary Kaiju brain is controlling the perceived Jaeger.

When Amara is expelled from the academy for endangering cadet Ou-Yang Jinhai during an illegal exploration of Obsidian Fury, Jake argues to Marshal Quan that Amara belongs with the PPDC, but his plead goes unheeded. Opening up to Amara about his fraught past with Stacker and why he left the PPDC, Jake tells Amara that she shouldn't allow anyone to tell her who she is.

Reemergence of the Kaiju

As suspicions turn toward Liwen Shao as the one responsible for Obsidian Fury's creation, Shao Industries' Jaeger Drones begin to attack the Moyulan Shatterdome and Shatterdomes the world over. Jake, Nate, and the cadets are caught in the chaos of the attack, unaware that they've been double-crossed by Newton Geiszler - now an underling of the Precusors. After Hermann and Liwen are able to destroy most of the drones with a feedback loop, Jake and the cadets work to repair the Jaegers damaged in the attack.

Locating Newton in MegaTokyo, Jake, Nate and the cadets don their Drivesuits and head for MegaTokyo to arrest Newton and kill the Kaiju who emerged from the Breach that the Drone Jaegers opened. Jake and Nate lead the cadets against Raijin, Hakuja, and Shrikethorn. As they appear poised to defeat the Kaiju, Newton releases small hybrids that fuse the three Kaiju together to create a "Mega-Kaiju". Jake and Nate fail to get the cadets to work with them as a team.

Jake Pentecost declares war on the Precursors.

Guardian Bravo is destroyed during the battle, and Suresh is killed, and Saber Athena and Bracer Phoenix follow suit. As the last team standing, Jake and Nate try to take on the Mega-Kaiju on their own, but their Conn-Pod is compromised by the Mega-Kaiju's barbed tail, and Nate is injured.

Nate gives up his position to Amara, who works with Jake to continue the fight against the Mega-Kaiju. With the help of Shao, piloting Scrapper, Jake and Amara are able to reach Mount Fuji before the Mega-Kaiju can throw itself inside to trigger an extinction event. Following the death of the Mega-Kaiju, Jake visits Newton, who was captured by Nate, in his cell and tells him to warn the Precursors that the PPDC plan to invade the Anteverse in retaliation.


Similar to Chuck Hansen, and his adopted sister, Mako, Jake was raised up around the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. His mother appeared to factor little into his life despite being present for most of his childhood when Stacker was not. Despite living with father once he joined the PPDC, Stacker kept him at a perpetual distance. His father constantly measured his successes and failures to that of Mako’s.

As a result of Stacker’s neglect, Jake Pentecost spent much of his life with a chip on his shoulder. Failing to meet expectations set for himself or by his father forced him out on his own at a mere fifteen years old.[12] Jake is a brash and arrogant, acting first in his own self-interest, and only resorting to working with others when other options are exhausted.

“Playful” and “off-center”, Jake uses humor to disarm people, often refusing to take situations seriously as a way to deflect the severity of their circumstances. Jake considers himself to be highly attractive, and often compares himself to Nate.


As a black market dealer, Jake knows how to navigate the underworld that developed during the Kaiju Wars. He made deals with powerful gangsters, and organ harvesters who capitalized on the destruction of the Jaegers and the dead Kaiju. Technically homeless, Jake learned to live in bombed out building among other civilians left in relief zones, trading food and other goods for money or equivalent materials.

Jake was once considered a prodigy of the PPDC as a cadet, holding a stable Drift for more than four hours.[12][13] After attempting to pilot a Jaeger on his own, he was kicked out of the academy. While he was unable to complete his training to become a Ranger, Jake is a proficient Jaeger pilot nonetheless.

Known Inconsistencies



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