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Joel Wyrick was a former J-Tech officer and citizen of Bogan.


Early Life

Joel was a J-Tech officer, stationed at the Brisbane Shatterdome. There, he was involved in a refit of the Jaeger Atlas Destroyer, presumably into its conversion to a training Jaeger.[1]

Pacific Rim: The Black

In order to boot up Atlas Destroyer, Joel attempts to start a neural link with the riders from Bogan but to no avail. Multiple failed neural links result in loss of function of his brain and renders him forgetting most of his Jaeger tech knowledge - in exchange, he gains skills like knife-throwing and juggling from the fighters.[1]

When tasked by Shane to repair the Jaeger and knowing he was in no condition to do it, Joel goes along with Mei's plan and repairs Atlas Destroyer with Taylor. After suggesting Taylor to try solo piloting in order to save Hayley and the boy, Joel betrays Shane with the Travis siblings and Mei and leaves Bogan.

Shortly after the escape, Joel picks up Mei's walkie-talkie when Shane calls for her, unbeknownst it is loaded with explosive. Shane detonates remotely and Joel dies, presumably having his head and hand blown off.[2]


  • According to Loa's analytics, Joel's PPDC number is JR238D.[1]
  • Joel pronounces "Brisbane" incorrectly.