K-Science[1][2] (Kaiju-Science) is a division and occupation given to officers in charge of the detection and analysis of Kaiju.


K-Science officers are responsible for determining the category of a Kaiju using the “Serizawa Scale”. The scale assigns the category of the Kaiju by studying the water displacement, radiation and toxicity after they exit the Breach. The prediction of Kaiju attacks also plays a crucial part in a K-Science officer’s contribution to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[3]

Other Occupations

  • K-Watch - The K-Science division includes K-Watch sentries that monitor the Breach and send emergency response alerts that activate Jaegers.[4] Officers assigned to K-Watch in Mariana Islands are typically responsible for naming Kaiju, based on the shapes received by sonar if they aren't chosen from a database.[5]
  • Kaiju Bio-Harvester - Harvesters are required to venture inside the body of a Kaiju and harvest Kaiju body parts vital to their research.[4]
  • Cryptozoologists - Cryptozoologists are required to regularly analyze and examine each Kaiju that emerges from the breach in order to assess a weakness or particular behavior that will work in the favor of the Defense Corps' Rangers in combat. Cryptozoologis may be negatively referred to as "Kaiju groupies".[4]
  • Hazmat Officer - Hazmat officers are in charge of containment and neutralizing toxic threats that can cripple a Strike Zone months after a Kaiju attack. Neutralizing the toxicity of Kaiju blood and the gases (or "bloodmist") that it gives off is a often a primary concern as it can infect the civilian population fairly quickly.[4]

Notable Members


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