The K-Science Lab[1] is the biochemical research laboratory where Kaiju anatomy is studied and harvested.


The K-Science Lab is headed by Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb. Both are part of a "think tank" that is responsible for compiling information vital to categorizing the Kaiju on the Serizaawa Scale, based on their toxicity and ambient radioactivity. Geiszler works to catalog the behavior and nature of the Kaiju to discover a natural means of solving the Kaiju crisis. Hermann is dedicated to calculating the possible toxicity of a Kaiju once it appears and how frequently they may attack.[2]


Milking Machine

Labequipment 01

The Milking Machine.

Created by Newton Geiszler, the Milking Machine is used to extract the deadly chemicals within the Kaiju's glands to better classify the Kaiju they analyze.[1]

Preservation Receptacles

Labequipment 02

Preservation Receptacles.

Preservation Receptacles are ammonia-based glass cylinders, ranging from twelve to four feet in diameter. The receptacles are used to chemically preserve Kaiju tissue and organ samples from the natural decomposition triggered by their death.[1]


Labequipment 03

The K-Scanner.

The K-Scanner uses magnetic resonance imaging to map the architecture and density of Kaiju organs, bone and cartilage.[1]

Autopsy Chamber

Labequipment 04

The Autopsy Chamber.

The Autopsy Chamber manipulates the tissues of Kaiju samples with robotic arms designed to auto-log toxicity levels and biological anomalies.[1]


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