The Kaiju Attack on Sydney was the fourth Kaiju attack on humanity. The incident took place September 2, 2014[3] in the city of Sydney, Australia.


Prior to entering the city, the military attempted to head Scissure off near a collection of islands with a nuclear missile attack.[1] The first attack merely slowed it down before it finally reached the city and began tear a path of destruction through the downtown district.

After three days, the Australian military lured it to an isolated location where they could safely attack Scissure without completely irradiating the city. Civilians were given an hour to escape the downtown district and the blast radius of the second nuclear missile attack against the Kaiju.[1] The military managed to lead Scissure near the area of Garigal National Park before initiating the second nuclear missile strike. The attack killed Scissure, but at the expense of that half of the city. Among the civilians killed in the attack was Angela Hansen, Chuck Hansen's mother.[1]


After the attack, Dr. Jasper Schoenfeld began brainstorming ideas on how to be able to fight the Kaiju more effectively without resorting to nuclear weapons after watching his son play his toy robot and toy monster fight each other.[2]

The Anti-Kaiju Wall was later built and sectioned off the contaminated part of the city where Scissure was killed.[2][4]


  • According to the novelization, two nuclear missiles killed Scissure.[1]