Kaiju Cult Followers

Kaiju cultists in Hong Kong.

"Look at them. They believe the Kaiju were sent from heaven, that the gods are expressing their displeasure with our behavior. The silly bastards!"
Hannibal Chau

Kaiju Cultists[1][2] are individuals who worship the Kaiju.


Sometime after the emergence of the Kaiju, individuals started religious institutions in support of the creatures. Cultists see the Kaiju as servants or archangels to gods displeased with mankind's evil behavior.[3][4]

They pray that the Kaiju's attacks will rid them of the evil in their hearts and and deliver them from suffering. They view the Jaegers as false prophets and the actions of Pan Pacific Defense Corps made by unholy individuals who do not understand the message of salvation.[4] Their devout beliefs make non-believers extremely uncomfortable with them.[4][2]


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