The Kaiju Eel[2] is a Kaiju of an undetermined Category.


The Kaiju Eel quadrupedal, and bears a crest of bone running the length of its back. Similar to its namesake, the Kaiju Eel is a ray-finned. Two holes exist on the underside of its head which are used to expel fluid. Though it hunts primarily in the water, it can still fight well on land.

The Kaiju Eel uses its sense of smell to detect life forms in it its territory. It has the ability reproduce, laying eggs which it buries near its hunting grounds. The eggs it lays, however, are highly dangerous as a result of Kaiju’s natural toxicity, its yolks able to burn straight through a human jaw.[1]


The Kaiju Eel is one of many Kaiju that invade Australia following the Precursors colonization attempts in the Uprising War. The Kaiju Eel resides in a river close to Meridian City. Following its discovery, the Sisters of the Kaiju, a Kaiju cult, begin to gather its eggs through trade. One of these trades is with the mobile settlement Bogan, and its leader, Shane.[1]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Shane dispatches Mei, Rickter, and two riders to secure four eggs for the Sisters of the Kaiju. The group masks their scent and approach, hiding behind a rock so they wouldn't be seen by the beast. The group quickly found two eggs in the sand. Nearby, the Kaiju Eel catches the scent of a boy when he, Taylor, and Hayley Travis approach the ridge to the river without masking their scent.

The Kaiju Eel turns to see its eggs being stolen and rises from the water to attack. The Kaiju Eel lunges at the riders that open fire on it, devouring them and expelling their blood through the base of its head. It pursues Mei and Rickter, destroying the dead riders' bikes as it misses.

Rickter takes the RPG from the back of their truck and fires at the Kaiju, hitting it on the snout. The Kaiju remains prone for a few seconds until the smoke clears to reveal itself to be barely injured from the attack. Mei fires the RPG into its maw. The rocket enters the Kaiju Eel's mouth and kills it upon detonating.[1]


  • The Kaiju Eel is the second Kaiju to demonstrate the ability to reproduce. The first was Otachi.
  • The Kaiju Eel was designed by Craig Kyle.[note 1][2]


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  1. Craig Kyle: "Those would be our Kaiju-eels. I designed them myself."


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