Kaiju Emergency Alert System

The KEAS as it would appear on television.

The Kaiju Emergency Alert System (or KEAS) is a Pacific Rim-specific warning system established February 8, 2014.[1]


The Kaiju Emergency Alert System operates not unlike the Emergency Alert System. The KEAS uses Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) which is utilized on AM, FM and Land Mobile Radio Service, as well as VHF, UHF, Cable television and low-power stations.

Following the SAME, a representative of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps will issue necessary instructions to civilians on where to go in the event of a Kaiju attack. Civilians living on the coastlines are drilled sporadically with the KEAS. In conjunction with the alert system, Civil defense sirens are used to warn city populations of oncoming danger as Jaegers are deployed from a nearby Shatterdome. Shatterdome Personnel assist in the evacuation of civilians from cities and into Anti-Kaiju Shelters if there isn't time to leave the immediate area.[2][3]



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