One example of a Kaiju Groupie.

"He's a Kaiju Groupie. He loves them."
Hermann Gottlieb on Newton Geiszler[1]

"Kaiju Groupie"[1] a term that refers to a person or persons that idolize or support the Kaiju.


Not long after the emergence of the Kaiju, certain communities and people began to show a hand of support toward the underwater invaders. The severity of a Kaiju Groupie differs from person to person. In some instances, supporters of the Kaiju will physically alter their bodies to like their appearances more to the Kaiju.[2][3]

In other cases artwork such as "Chibi" imagery of Kaiju, is popular among the youth in inland areas, however, the artform is considered controversial. Groupies are a point of contention with the general public to the point where they have become the subject of blogger discussion and editorial columns.[2]

In extreme cases, animal rights extremists consider the creation of the Jaeger Program within the act of animal cruelty carried out by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[2] Within the Pan Pacific Defense Corps., Cryptozoologists of the K-Science division study and dissect the remains of Kaiju. Individuals such as themselves and Newton Geiszler are considered Kaiju Groupies, primarily because of misplaced enthusiasm that may offend or bother others who've been personally victimized by the Kaiju (loss of family) or otherwise noted. Doctor Geiszler is doubly considered a groupie because his entire body is adorned with tattoos of Kaiju, such as Hammerjaw and Yamarashi.[4][1]

Kaiju Groupies are a separate matter altogether from the Kaiju Cultists, who outright worship the Kaiju as part of an apocalyptic theology.[3]


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