"The mystical and mysterious Anteversal properties of Kaiju biology have led to countless breakthroughs in 'all natural' remedies."
—Promotional Pamphlet[1]
Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim

Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim

Commercial for "Kaiju Remedies"

Kaiju Remedies is an organization owned by Hannibal Chau dedicated to supplying people with Kaiju organs, tissue and bodily fluids.


According to Hannibal Chau, products produced by Kaiju Remedies can help buyers lose weight, look younger, beat cancer; prevent heart attacks and strokes. Other products sold by Kaiju Remedies are also purported to cure insomnia, reverse balding, treat depression and anxiety.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), lactose intolerance, incontinence, and restless leg syndrome are other disorders Kaiju Remedies products can treat or cure.

Not all of Hannibal Chau's advertised claims are not baseless. During a discussion with K-Science officer Newton Geiszler, Chau explains that one cubic meter of Kaiju excrement has enough phosphorus to fertilize a field.[2]

List of Known Products

  • Kaiju Bone Powder - Ground up cartilage from certain crustacean Kaiju has been known to work as a powerful aphrodisiac.[1]
  • Cytophlegm - Chemically-cured Kaiju mucus acts an unbreakably strong adhesive, frequently used to repair everything from fractured walls to shattered windows. Simply moisten to increase pliability and heat to harden.[1]
  • Flaky Cakes - The dried skin flakes of a reptilian Kaiju can be sprinkled into tea to cure fever, headache, nausea and sinus infection.[1]
  • Headchangers - The potent cerebral tissue from the Kaiju's tertiary pyramidal cortex, when properly extracted, can induce powerful hallucinations and out-of-body experiences.[1]
  • Electro-Bile Bags - The electrically-charged digestive enzymes found in the Kaiju's second stomach offer a charge powerful enough to jump a car battery.[1]
  • Fossil Fuelers - The fatty marrow from certain Kaiju limbs is a highly combustible, slow burning fuel that can be packed into explosives.[1]
  • Cilia Ropes - The hair-like fibers that line the Kaiju's aquatic lungs are stronger than aircraft wire. Extracting them requires a laser-power diamond cutter.
  • Ragged Tooth Jewelry - Some Kaiju spiritualists believe that necklaces from Kaiju teeth and claw clippings will protect their city from invasion. Not guaranteed.[1]
  • Kaiju fertilizer - One cubic meter of Kaiju excrement can be used to fertilize the whole field.




Behind the Scenes

Concept Art


  • As part of Pacific Rim's viral marketing, a suitcase with a brochure and fake Kaiju organs were sent to several movie sites.[3]


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