Karloff is the fifth Kaiju to attack humanity.[1] It makes landfall in Vancouver, BC on April 23, 2015. It is the first Kaiju slain by a Jaeger.[1]


Karloff is a notably thin Kaiju as opposed to its more heavily muscled brethren. It has a large long head, with two sets of double eyes. Its skin is grey and leathery, with brown and red marking on its shoulders, back, fingers, and chin.[1]


The Pacific tracking network first spots Karloff making its way to Vancouver. With the line of battle-ready Jaegers weeks away from official deployment, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps decides to deploy the Mark-1 prototype, Brawler Yukon, to defend the city.[1]

Halfway through the city, Karloff's path is cut off by Brawler Yukon. Karloff charges the Jaeger not a moment after. However, it is quickly overpowered by the Jaeger's strength and forced out of the city by the combined efforts of the Jaeger and a volley of missile fire. Karloff is killed from a blow to the face.[1]



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