Mako and Raleigh

Raleigh and Mako in the Combat Room.

The Kwoon Combat Room is a specialized arena in the Shatterdome where Rangers are taught to fight in the Jaeger Academy in order to amplify their proficiency in combat situations.[1]


Individuals taught in self-defense, such as MMA Coaches, Navy personnel and neural physiologists are brought in to ensure that Rangers are pushed to their physical and mental limits. Training sessions last up to fourteen hours a day.[1]

Training combat consists of various martial arts, including Greco-Roman/Sumo wrestling, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and boxing. Weapons training consist of long range and short range weapons and fencing. Combat allows the Rangers to utilize their skills in Jaeger combat during the Drift.[1]

The physiological aspects of battle are emphasized heavily during their training. The goal within the Combat Room is to forge an ideal partnership between the Rangers instead of a superior being in order for both to successfully pilot a Jaeger.[1]


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