L. Taylor
L. Taylor Profile
Biographical Information
Name L. Taylor
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Hair Graying
Eyes Brown
Career Information
Occupation United Nations Representative
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization
Pacific Rim
Appeared In (non-canon)
Actor Robin Thomas Grossman[1]
Voice Actor(s)
"...And we're losing Jaegers faster than we can build them."
—L. Taylor to Stacker Pentecost[2]

L. Taylor[2][3] is an American representative to the United Nations. He was an advocate of shutting down the Jaeger Program.


United Nations

According to the data on L. Taylor's screen, Taylor presumably represents the cities of Anchorage, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.


Five years after the downfall of the Jaeger Program, L. Taylor, L. Cole and several other members of the United Nations hold a meeting with Stacker Pentecost, Tendo Choi and Herc Hansen at the Anchorage Shatterdome. Taylor notes that the evolution of the Kaiju has made the Jaeger Program, which the representatives of the United Nations consider "dead", an infeasible option of defense.

Though Pentecost argues for a final chance to attack the Kaiju, after Cole makes it clear that they're abandoning the Jaeger Program for the Anti-Kaiju Wall, Taylor announces that what remains of the program will be decommissioned after the eight months of funding they left to Pentecost runs out.

Days after the Mutavore attack in Sydney, Taylor is interviewed by a news station. He reports that civilians are being moved to Safe Zones and away from the coastlines. When the reporter notes that only the "rich and powerful" are being safeguarded, Taylor continues to insist that the Wall of Life is still their best option and refuses to comment further on the matter.[3]


  • Robin Thomas Grossman was credited as "Robin Thomas" in the credits of the film.
  • Despite his given name, L. Taylor's given name in the credits is "American UN Representative".


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