Leatherback is a breed[3] of Category IV Kaiju.


Pacific Rim

Towards the end of the Kaiju Wars, the Precursors sent Category IV Kaiju Leatherback, to hunt down Newton Geiszler in order to prevent their plan to destroy humanity, using Mount Fuji[4], from being revealed to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[2]

Assisting Otachi, Leatherback ambushes Cherno Alpha, and uses its EMP ability to disable Striker Eureka, allowing Otachi to escape into the city.[2]

Poised to destroy Striker Eureka, Leatherback is interrupted by the arrival Gipsy Danger. The Kaiju drives the fight from the water into the port, where its killed by the Jaeger following several shots to its side from Gipsy Danger's Plasma Cannon.[2]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Uprising War

Multiple Leatherback alongside multiple Slatterns and Mutavores were sent through the Breach during the Uprising War. Their skeletal remains were later found by Atlas Destroyer pilots Taylor and Hayley Travis in a boneyard.[3]


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